Fantastic trip

Today is Sunday and we were blessed to go to Faith Bible Church in Cambodia where Jenny Huang preached and she was awesome! It’s really touching to see how friendly and welcoming these people are and seemingly how appreciative they are for us to give of our time to just be here. Little do they know that we are the ones being blessed. They just want to come up to you and smile, touch you, have their picture taken with you or just communicate in some way.

After church we had the opportunity to a place where they rescue girls from sex trafficking. There were about 60 girls there from 4 to 19 years of age and they are in the process of building another building to house 40 more. It’s amazing to see the passion of the Cambodian Pastors, as I look and see what they do and have compared to what we do and have, it doesn’t seem fair. The American dollar goes so far here, two of the needs in the girls home are sewing machines ($120 ea) and scooters ($200 ea) the main source of transportation.

We are truly blessed to be a part of a church where one of the main focuses of our Pastor is missions and even though we don’t hear that much about what we do as a church you can bet its being done right. You should see the orphanage the others talked about Celebration help fund, we got to paint and play with the kids our first day in Battambang.

I can’t wait till tonight, the finale for the Festival, I don’t know how many came down front for prayer last night but it was a lot and we were ask to pray with them and knew God was working especially when we don’t even speak their language. I understand now what they mean, you won’t understand until your there!!

Dougie and the band are doing a fantastic job, you should see 4 or 5 thousand Cambodians singing and praising the Lord, in english.

Terry Turner

~ by Celebration Missions on July 22, 2007.

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  1. What a privilege to be part of God’s love and purpose! I am Yolanda and I sing in the choir with you, I think! Every time I read about Cambodia, I keep wishing I was there! You guys rock!

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