God is Good!

That is the word of encouragement that I gave the girls at the home for the sex slave trade victims yesterday morning in church. I told them that with God all things are possible, the healing, the love that they are recieving from their pastor and the foundations that are helping them and their future.

It was a God thing that I was even in the church with them. The night before at the festival, the pastor came up to me along with a psychologist from California and invited me to come to their church. When the pastor told me about the work they are doing with the girls I knew I had to go. Tracy went with me and we were so blessed to see the transformation that God has done in the lives of the girls. You look at them and their eyes sparkle and you receive a big smile.

The pastor shared with me that when they first receive the girls that it takes months to get the girls to have any trust in them because of all of the abuse they have received.

The girls range in age from 4 years old! Yes, 4 (as hard as it is to believe) to 18 years old. It is a long process to get the girls legally, but God is working because they are getting them in a Buddhist run country to come into a Christian run organization.

You can feel the love of Christ working in these girls. The girls are not forced to go to church but about 80% of them do get saved!

The home is a total transformation center for the girls. They work on the heart first to repair scars with the love of Christ! They start them in sewing classes, move them to hand sewing machines and then into other skills so they can get jobs when they leave the center.

God is doing a wonderful work at this center!

I have so many encounters on this trip meeting people that have put me in places that I feel God wants me to be! God is alive and working in Cambodia! We need to continue to pray and share his work. All hopped up for Jesus.

Bwana John Bryan


~ by Celebration Missions on July 23, 2007.

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