There is hope . . .

Thirty years ago, the Khmer Rouge wiped out an entire generation of Cambodians. Today, we see God raising up a new generation.

Below you will be able to meet and read the testimonies of some of the translators who helped us along the way. They are a generation who love God and want nothing more than to be used by him.

We feel privileged to be able to introduce you to . . .

Keo Sopoan (18)
Eight years ago I was taken to a Christian orphanage where I was brought to church and taught the Bible. I had a bad life as a kid and was very bitter. My mom was in the hospital and we couldn’t pay the bill, so the hospital let my mom die. I stole a lot and people tried to kill me. They stole my land and my house and I became a street kid.

I thought all people did bad stuff to people, but God set me free. I began to understand God in bad situations. I prayed and read the Bible and learned God does good for those who love him.

Vatanak Vong
I studied English at a private high school and was very interested in learning more. A friend introduced me to a place that taught English for free. This was at New Life Fellowship.

One day while studying the Bible in English, the teachers shared their testimony and I saw their joy. I wanted to be like them, so I started coming to church. I received Christ and was baptized either in 2004 or 2005.

I saw many miracles. One of them was when I was translating for a guy from Texas. At the time, my faith was not strong.

There was a 60 year old who had been in the hospital for 20 years because of swollen feet. God led us to his room and we shared to him about God and told him that we believed God wanted him to be healed. We were going to come twice a week to pray for him, but it only took one week before the swelling went down and he was completely healed. Afterwards, he was able to leave the hospital and go to his homeland.

Bun Na (25)
I lived with my aunt in Phnom Penh while I tried to find a job. My aunt was a Christian and sent me to New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh to study English. At New Life, I also heard about the Gospel and accepted Jesus six years ago.

Seng Ehud (18)
In 1999, an American missionary named Mary came to our home. I was an orphan at the time. After talking with my brother and aunt for three months, they allowed me to go to a Christian orphanage. That’s where I learned about God and read the Bible. I didn’t understand what I was reading until four years ago. Then a year later I accepted Jesus and was baptized.

Paneth Kim (20)
My cousin told me about Jesus in 2003. I didn’t believe him, but two or three weeks later I became a Christian. My cousin did a small group in the village to make him strong, so I went to New Life to become stronger for Jesus. Eventually I became a worship, children’s, and small group leader.

Dong Hang (19)
An American missionary came in 2003 to teach the Bible. Back then I was Buddhist, but I studied the Bible and understood it. I prayed Jesus into my heart and felt him. I knew it was different. I had joy. It’s been 2.5 years since then.


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