Pastor Mike and I were met at the airport by Pastor Dixon Changara of Oasis of Life Church and Ben Rodgers, Children’s Cup International Director.

Saverstown Care Point was our first stop.

The children were in line being fed when we arrived so Pastor Mike and I jumped in and started helping serve the food. Today, like most days, the menu was mealy meal (like our grits) and beans, but we heard no complaints we just got smiles, because this would probably be the only meal they would get for the day.

After the meal they had a dedication for the Care Point. All praises were to God, Celebration Church and Children’s Cup for the opening of the Care Point and supporting the children of Saverstown.

It makes me proud to be a part of Celebration Church, who puts God first and shows “love your neighbor as yourself,” by taking care of the children of Saverstown and funding the Oasis of Life.

I can’t stand to think of a child without a home, food and the Hope that comes from knowing Jesus. But you as members of Celebration Church can know you are helping to change that with the funding of Saverstown Care Point and Oasis of Life Church in Bulaway Zimbabwe Africa.

The political and aids situation is the greatest challenge right now facing Zimbabwe not to mention the food shortage but with God all things are possible. So Pray! Pray for God to meet the needs of all Africa’s children.

Johnnie Bryan


~ by Celebration Missions on September 23, 2007.

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