Hairy Eyeballs

Wow! What an experience. Costa Rica has been such an eye opener and it’s only day 2.

Today, the team took a trip to the local market and got some fruit (called “hairy eyeballs” at 6:8 ) and tried to purchase our items with a language barrier.

But this morning during our prayer time we prayed against all barriers the devil tries to throw at us missionaries. I know even for myself God is working miracles.

This morning He spoke to me and gave me a verse that said something about being ready to tell the world where your hope and joy comes from. I’m almost positive that everyone here this week knows the joy, peace, happiness, mercy and grace they feel is from our God above and just to know that is pretty amazing.

My favorite thing so far was going to the park and spending time with the kids. Just playing with them and showing them love is such a fulfilling thing. We had bubbles, chalk, and bracelets to give out and they were sooo excited. To see kids so content with where they are, especially under these circumstances, allows me to humble myself and to see the world through new eyes.

That’s my prayer for this week: that our team may have a new outlook on the way they live and to realize how blessed they are and to love the world as Jesus would.

God bless! Keep us in your prayers. 🙂

Lyndsey Brantley


~ by Celebration Missions on July 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Hairy Eyeballs”

  1. Lyndsey,

    How great is the market!!! I tried to get Pastor Mike to eat one of the fruits we have in Colombia called “mamoncillo” but he thought it was absolutely disgusting!! LOL.. I wonder what he thought of the hairy eyeballs?? How funny! I’m so excited for you all and can’t get enough of your blogs. What an amazing thing to have the opportunity to feel love and happiness in total strangers and truly humble yourself to God. Sometimes it takes seeing the worst to see the best in our own lives. Unfortunately, we need to pray for constant reminders, don’t we? Well, please have a safe trip and I pray that the enemy feels the power in your love and your work. May God place a hedge of protection around each of you and cover you in his blood. xoxo Love and blessings!

  2. Dear Lyndsey Lou, Dani, and Taybug, I miss you guys so much!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful you all are. I couldn’t be prouder. It seems like an awesome experience. It really sheds light on what we think is important. Keep up the great work and realize what a difference you are making. God Bless you all and know how much I Love you girls!!!! Love, Mom and please if you can e-mail me at my address.

  3. Lyndsey, Dani, and Taylor,
    You are the most amazing sisters anyone could have.All of you inspire to do good things.You guys are amazing people.Continue doing well in life(it’s not like you already haven’t).I miss you all.I LOVE YOU ALL!Have fun!

  4. Lyndsey-
    i just re-read this and thought about how what you spoke about and prayed for did happen….our eyeballs were a little hairy, our vision clouded as we came in….but i think we all see the real world a little clearer…i just want to thank you for your obedience to God and faith in the face of so many obstacles. it really is inspiring. -big John

  5. I am so proud of you guys and hope that I have the opportunity to hear many more stories about your trip. If you have a myspace, add my new faith-based teen magazine page: so we can keep in touch. If you ever want to share your experiences or contribute to the magazine, let me know!
    Love and blessings to you all, Mary

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