Youth Jambalaya

Today in an amazing savage team circle chapel meeting i mean pretty much the best yet i never have a problamo talkin to people but tonight it just went beast mode and i just went off on some stuff in a positive manner 🙂

i really felt connected to each and other amigo on my mission team i just felt so comfortable that i just kept talkin and using like super sweet stuff and the one that stuck out the most that made the most sense was a big pot of youth jambalaya!!!!!!

Awwwwwwww  siiii.

well it kinda went like this we were talkin about how the team was growing closer and i just felt compeled to say somthing and i don’t know what happened but i just went loco and started talking about how at a tailgating party that when you make a grande pot of jambalaya you put in everything in that mixes together like we are doing so like each of us is like meat rice spices and such things like that so that it is so spicy its on fire so then we set a step on the ground of alajuelita it is caught on fire by God working through us and when it happened it was like a flowing river of sweetness and that also made the group grow closer it was like logs drenched in gas with a match thrown on it…..BOOOOOM

i felt the fellowship explode and the where smiles everywhere ummmm there will be more of these sweet things that compare things to things to come i am loving Costa Rica and i love ticos they are savages awwww siii.

{brandon out}


~ by Celebration Missions on July 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Youth Jambalaya”

  1. brandon you a savage amazing beast! way to go. it’s so beautiful seeing your friend louis (pictured with you) love you so much since you helped give him clothes and dedicate his new home. god will deliver him and his brother from their life of drugs.

  2. ok, here’s spanish lesson #1….Ayyyyyyyy Siiiiiii! You got half of it right!! JAMBALAYA!! Wow, what a great metaphor for your team and your purpose! Funny, I’m not sure if you guys are having the same luck, but for us, it rained EVERYDAY!! So we were the “bring the rain” group (fyi..Mercy Me). I think the Holy Spirit is running strong in all of you and the experiences you will go through and the transformations you will encounter will be what changes your life as you know it! I mean just think about it, when you come back, none of you will ever be the same! How amazing is God to give you all the health and the means to really do something like this!! There is a reason you are all there and there is nothing more important that you can do, but to truly feel and experience every moment of this journey. Don’t think of tomorrow or the next hour. Focus on the child, the homeless man you’re attempting to talk to, the hungry woman that is crying to you, whatever. Be IN THE MOMENT and truly cherish and thank Him for bringing you to that moment.. because this is EXACTLY where you are suppose to be and YOU are the person he has planted in that Tico’s life at that very moment… so love it.. bless it… cherish it. xoxo Love and blessings!

  3. I am so proud of you guys and hope that I have the opportunity to hear many more stories about your trip. If you have a myspace, add my new faith-based teen magazine page: so we can keep in touch. If you ever want to share your experiences or contribute to the magazine, let me know!
    Love and blessings to you all, Mary

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