Kid full of joy

Welcome back my friends to the life that never ends. Today we went to the Healing Place Church “Africa” and had some fun with the kids. This is my fourth year of feeling like i should be here. I’m still in a dream that I’m in Africa. The kids were awesome. I was privileged to carry Boylan on my hip and hold Kooptakipta hand to hand. It feels like we should take them home, but that defeats the purpose of our purpose. I was told once that you can give a man a fish for a day or you can teach him to fish for a lifetime. Looking at it spiritually, yes we can be taught to give the food of the Earth for a day or we can give the food of Jesus Christ for an eternity. Therefore we have fun share the love of Jesus and inspire the kids to grow in faith and education in order to become successful in their community to rise up and change the world.

Some people in my family think I’m crazy for coming to a infected nation helping kids I don’t know, but that’s the call on my life to inspire those I don’t know and soon will know. Also to educate to become more than just a statistic. There’s no barrier too strong or high that can stop a person with the Will of God the Father. The Lord has blessed me to be the messenger. This is the sacrifice I make, only because the Lord asked. We give more not because we are told but because it feels great to see the joy on one’s face.

My word for you is to press on and keep on giving, because in the end it will come back and be given to you. In business we call it investing. In reality of The lord’s Word we call it Faith. Faith comes by believing not seeing and doing. As I leave you with this encouragement remember you can only change one life at a time

Quitting is not an option

Robert O’Gorman


~ by Celebration Missions on September 7, 2008.

One Response to “Kid full of joy”

  1. You’re the man Robert! No matter what our disability is we’re doing for the Lord!

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