meeting the children

As you know today we left Johannesburg and headed towards Swaziland in the Kombie! Kombies are the major transportation around Africa; looks like a long, thin van that sits 15 people comfortably. Before we left we had some devotion time with the group around the van. The night before we had prayed that the Lord would open our natural senses so the light of His Spirit is able to shine on the motives of the power and principalities at work around us. Well, the next morning around 3:00 a.m. Rick was wide awake with a dream that definitely was a spiritual view into the situation that we’re going to face in Swaziland.

We found out through Randy, the person who is leading the care point we are going to, that there are two ladies who come to the care point to prepare food whom are witches. They actually cook the food as they cast spells. They are particularly interested in the people at the care points who are fired up about God. Randy and Karen have been praying for them to leave, but as of date, they are still there. He said there is some witchcraft there, and he believes Rick’s dream was a heed from the Lord that we must be prepared in the word and always be prayed up! I can honestly say, I have never felt such a unity as I do with the people that are on this trip. God has pulled us together for this special assignment and we are all expecting God to move mightily in Swazi. To our prayer partners, we thank you so much that you are praying for us. Stand in the gap for us that the Lord will come in and cast that demonic witchcraft spirit away from the care point and that God’s glory will just fall on that place.

So, we arrived at the border, and boy things started getting serious. We all had to get out of the Kombie and walk to a place to get our passports stamped to leave South Africa, and then we LITERALLY had to walk across the border into Swaziland (or almost into Swaziland). It was the greatest experience ever!!!! WE FELT LIKE REBELS. Then we had to go into this big building and stand in line to get our passports stamped again, and then we had to walk again until we reached a certain point. We were in! Africa all the way to this point seemed very “normal”, but when we got to Swazi and had to go through the border and drove around a little bit, well it started to hit us a little I think.

The housing structures changed from “semi normal” to very poor living conditions. Actually, some of the structures were lopsided and leaning.

We got to Emaphini and God really blessed us, Rick and I got to sleep in a great room, TOGETHER, and the place was just beautiful! It has this beautiful mountain view, lots of Yasmine bushes that are in bloom and was the first thing you smelled when you got out of the Kombie. The most beautiful tree with no leaves, but red flowers, called a Coral tree. The grounds are breath taking. The hospitality when we got here was even better!

On Sunday we headed to The Healing Place Church which is affiliated with Children’s Cup. The people were extremely friendly and the number of children in church was awesome. Phiwa, Tengetile and Thunani ,Two girls and a boy from the church, followed us to KFC for lunch were they pigged out on chicken. Heicha recorded them translating English and Swaili. After lunch, we journeyed to the Mangwenenia carepoint to pray over the building; however, once we arrived all the children flocked towards us. Words, commercials, pictures merely capture the tip of the iceberg as far as the living conditions or the physical conditions of these children. It is so obvious that GOD is present here because despite the fact that almost 40% of the children are orphans and have AIDS, there is no running water or working electricity and they live in the city dump, the only source of love is GOD. Seeing life at this level it is crystal clear that the basic necessity of life is LOVE.

Please continue to pray for the children and our team.

Rick and Heicha


~ by Celebration Missions on September 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “meeting the children”

  1. Rick and Heicha, ECU beat up No8 WVU. I see you are dreaming again, so what do you think about Donna and me closing down the Toy Story ride at 1:30 a.m. after the second Night of Joy concert? Would that qualify as some sort of dream? I heard more spiritual music there than I have heard in the last several years.

    Sounds like you had an interesting time crossing the border. Let us know how you fared with the witches.

  2. Rick and Heicha,
    I pray a special blessing upon the both of you on this trip to Africa. I pray that you impact the lives of the children in Africa in ways you never imagined. I am sure that the two of you are giving the children of Africa the love and attention that you show to the children in the youth group here at Celebration, Jacksonville FL. You both are missed, and I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing all of the wonderful stories that I am sure you have to share.

  3. Any more news on those witches? I am praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon you both to blind their eyes out as you talk to them. The blindness is from the light of Jesus within you that will expose the darkness of witchcraft within them and they will be saved.

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