“Hi” from Swaziland mission team to our sponsors, prayer warriors and families of Celebration Church!

Our team consists of eleven people from various age groups, ranging from the 20’s to almost 60(we won’t say who the eldest members are)!!  There are two married couples, two Moms whose wonderful husbands are holding up the fort at home as well as four incredibly gifted singles.

As varied as our ages and backgrounds, our occupations encompass professions such as lawyer, teacher, salesman, photographer, vocational placement specialist.  It is totally amazing how God has taken this variety of radicals for Him and begun special friendships which are knitting our hearts together as one.

We tease Pastor Mike that God sent him a crazy team,, not very normal,  but he reminds us that most “normal” people don’t use their vacation time in order to be a part of a missions outreach to Aids orphans.

What do we have in common?  A love for Jesus, and a burning desire in our hearts to see the lives of these children changed by letting them know they are special, loved by us and God.

Team Members:  Robert, Linda, Mindy, Christine, Beth, Heicha, Rick, Shannon, Ed, Wendy


Beth is a very gifted elementary school teacher who  shines with kids.  On Monday, we will be teaching the children at the Care Point a song she composed today.  It is created in a Reggae style with the words focusing on the attributes of Jesus as their father, healer, friend and hero.  She arrived with a goody bag full of stickers, whistles and games for the kids.  The whistles were a huge hit today at the Care Point as they marched as little “Pied Pipers” of Swazi.

Beth, thank you for your amazing devotion and love for the orphans as well as the children in your Jacksonville classroom.  We salute and thank you for your commitment!!

Tune back in with us tomorrow or the next day as we introduce you to another awesome team member.  God has equipped  each one with unique talents and gifts as well as personalities to complete our goal for Him in Swazi.

Thank you all for your prayers for us!

Ed and Wendy


~ by Celebration Missions on September 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “MEET THE TEAM”

  1. That’s my friend! Beth- keep it up! I am looking forward to hearing your song!

  2. Thata girl Beth! From one classroom to the next! Doing it big for Jesus! The pied pipers of swazi! I love it. Did someone get a photo? Video clip perhaps? Next time you should bring them kazoos 🙂 Looking forward to hearing amazing things when you get back.

  3. Hey Teeters,

    We miss you both but are blessed by your ministry there! Keep on spreading the GOOD NEWS!!!

    We love you! Your prayer warriors… Richard & Denise

  4. Hey Beth! Be sure to hug all those babies for me too! Your class on Saturday night misses you! I can’t wait to hear all your stories! I love you, miss you, and am praying for you!

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