Tangible God


What an amazing place!  I really can’t tell you the blessing the people of Africa have been to Rick and I.  We are soooo blessed to have been able to take this adventure together!

Today we were able to see amazing creatures God created in the wild!  The first animal we saw, you won’t believe it….an OSTRICH!  It was HUGE!!!!!  It was the game park’s mascot.  We then saw 4 lady tigers and 3 little bitty cubs nursing.  The cutest was when the baby’s got done nursing, they looked up and said grrrr!  Oh yeah, heart melted, water works came on!  We saw zebras, giraffes, wart hogs (with tiny babies), 2 hippos in the water, and a few forms of deer.  Also a nice crocodile tail!  Rick was scarrrred.

The best part was we went to a church that I can’t even begin to describe the feelings I felt, but will sure try.  To get to this church you had to drive through sugar cane fields.  The scenery was so different than the dry land we had seen.  There was green everywhere!  As you drive up, the first thing you experience is this smell.  Ohhhh, Jasmine and other beautiful smells.  I am not a gardener so I don’t know all the flowers, but it’s like opening the best bottle of perfume with all the right kind of smell you need.  Then you drive up to the church and the best way I can describe what it looks like is a HAVEN, a safe harbor.  There are boganvilias of different colors EVERYWHERE!  It looks like something out of better homes and gardens.  The pastor (Ms. Lasolette) was waiting for us with open arms and a smile from ear to ear.  She reminded me of my mommy (warm and fuzzy feelings).  The people were so loving and nice.

As we sat through the service I could feel God’s presence like never before.  It was a different feel, almost tangible.  It was as if I was looking at Jesus himself working at the church.  Our team was asked to speak; each one of us gave a testimony and they were amazing!  The best part was during a very, very nice lunch that Ms. Lasolette and her staff cooked, one of the ladies who had attended the church said that we had really blessed her and the church.  She said it was nice to know that God had sent us to show them that there were problems everywhere and not just in Africa and that the solution is ALWAYS the same…Jesus!

He is amazing.  I stand in awe of his faithfulness to us, of the things he shows us through his people (if we are just open to hearing and listening), and that when you are doing what God calls you to do, you are complete!

Thank you prayer warriors for you diligence in prayer and for all of you who helped Rick and I come to this point in our eyes.

We love you and wish you were all here to experience this with us!


Rick and Heicha


~ by Celebration Missions on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “Tangible God”

  1. Dear Heicha and Rick,

    As per your titi’s request (AJ), know that I will join in on praying for all of you, your safety and well being. May the Lord allow you all to be a blessing to all of those who come across your paths. Jesus will use you and your gifts to the fullest. Amen

    Love, Lillian Torres
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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