Costa Rica Construction Trip- Reflections 2

what a trip! i have to be honest, i started out not wanting to go. the moment after i asked mike pier about going on a quick strike trip, i hated the thought of actually doing it. i thought why in the world did i just ask him to sign me up on a missions trip?!! this is stupid, but i knew inside that it was something that i needed to do. my flesh apposed me, but my soul understood that this was a good move.

in retrospect, i would have done nothing different. this was an awesome experience that can not be duplicated in any way. the team that i was apart of will leave a lasting impression as will the people we touched and experienced. i personally understand more of my purpose and place in the body of Christ because of this trip. i also understand more about the people we are trying to reach at the Hardee campus. In the states, we consider time and money to be interchangeable. i’ll spend time doing xyz thing if you pay me. in the Latin cultures, relationship is the key, not time. it is because i have a relationship or friendship that i will give my time. it may seem insignificant to some of you, but for me it is going to make all the difference. as far as purpose goes, if i prosper here, i can help more people there. it is a matter of letting God position you for great adventures. my wife and i now have a new motive to do well in business for the single purpose of assisting people that are less fortunate than us and contributing to ministries like 6:8. we have always paid our tithes, but it’s the offerings and donations and sacrifices  that will change. it isn’t the levitical law, it’s because i choose to. God blessing us abundantly will be our conduit of leaving that lasting impression and give us the resources to plant seeds for Christ. it was an honor to serve and work along side all of you in the ministry. i appreciate all that i have learned last week by being around men of such kingdom integrity.

be blessed,
Michael Hutchinson



~ by Celebration Missions on October 2, 2008.

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