CLC Missions Trip- LA Dreamcenter

lindzHello Celebration Church from the West Coast!

I’m going to take you through our first day here at the Los Angeles Dreamcenter. It’s already been quite a journey for us…so buckle up & enjoy the ride! 🙂 

Our trip began bright and early on Tuesday morning. We all met up to head out to the airport at around 4am. There were invaribly complications in our attempts to leave, but finally by 3pm (Florida time) and 12pm (Cali time), we made it to Los Angeles!

The rest of the day we spent orienting ourselves with the city and the Dreamcenter where we would be staying. That night we all went to the observatory in Griffin Park which overlooks the entire city. It was breathtaking! I’ve never seen something so beautiful with all the lights illuminating the night. It was almost ironic how much of a beacon the city was visually, but in reality it is completely in the dark spiritually. All of the interns, Kassie and Lee decided it was the perfect time to come together and pray for this city. We spent the next half an hour praying and interceding for the people and the work we were going to be doing while we were here.

The next day was jam-packed with complete chaos; I loved every minute of it! Every minute had something new in store for everyone. We began with our morning with team devotion & worship time, followed by breakfast in the Dreamcenter cafeteria. For our morning outreach the group was split up into about four teams. One team loaded trucks with the donated food we would be handing out to the community later, another team clean and organized non-food donations, another team had the fun job of sorting through fruit and weeding out the rotten ones (yum!), and then the other team was in the marketing department making phone calls to the Dreamcenter’s donors and thanking them for their gifts and praying with them over the phone for any need they had.

Our afternoon outreach was not any less hectic, in fact this was when the fun really began. Half of group was sent to Skid Row for the “Under the Bridge” outreach. They passed out food to over 300 people in one of the worst parts of town ever. There were people outwardly injecting drugs on the streets, dealing drugs, and solicting prostitution. There was an undeniable need there. The other half of the group split into smaller teams and jumped into the back of the food trucks to go into various poverty-stricken neighborhoods and pass out food to parents as their kids were getting out of school. There were hundreds of people that lined the street anticipating our arrival. On this outreach we had a chance to not only serve the parents, but to interact and love on the kids. I found myself with a group passing out food in South Central which apparently has a higher death toll than the war in Iraq! There were actually bullet hole on our truck…yikes! Our driver told us about this ongoing rivalry between the Hispanics and the African-Americans that has been passed down generationally. Spiritually you could feel the bondage that this area was in because of the hate and bitterness; it was tangible. What the families in this area experience on a day to day basis, and what the inocent eyes of their children see is hatred and violence beyond anything that we could ever imagine. It was quite a reality check for those of us who ever think we have it bad.

Lastly, for our evening outreach we all went to the Santa Monica Pier to conduct a mini-service and pass out dinner to all the homeless people out there. A group of about 35 homeless people came and before we passed out the food two of the interns, Stephanie and Tom, were asked to share their testimonies. They did an incredible job and you could tell that they were both received very well. Afterward the pastor came forward and asked if anyone wanted to receive Christ, and five people gave their lives to Jesus that night! In fact, one man came back to the Dreamcenter with us to join their program and get his life back on track. It was such a perfect ending to a perfect day!

This was only after a day and a half of being here…I can’t wait to see what else God has in store! I’ll be sure to come back and share more along with the others out here!

~Lindsey Carter


~ by Celebration Missions on November 13, 2008.

One Response to “CLC Missions Trip- LA Dreamcenter”

  1. That sounds amazing… It was great to read your report, know that you all were covered in prayer over here too. May God continue to use all the interns in ways that you won’t even imagine. It was a blessing being part of it last year, reading the blog makes me miss it a little more. I am truly happy to hear that everything went well… Keep us posted!!!

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