Medical Missions Costa Rica


Here she is, she sits, on her first missions trip
Filled with emotions she never dreamed existed
Rarely does she sleep, doesn’t want to miss a moment
To hear the Lord speak, Daddy’s voice oh so gentle
Finding words to describe a love she’s never felt
Stomach aches, heart breaks, tears well but hidden
Lost in a world of grace so undeserving
Accepting what she only wishes she could understand
Searching for an answer not to be saught
But smiling in confusion and joy and peace
Extending her hands to a people in need
She prays for salvation and healing, Lord please
Have mercy on your people, let them witness Your love
Use her voice, her hands, her laugh, use it all
Strip fear from her veins as she begs to be used
And replenish with courage from only your Word
She lies before You, all loss of control
Wanting nothing more than Your presence indeed
As warmth consumes her, she smiles in content
Knowing Daddy is holding her close to His chest
Preparing a heart for a world of hurt
She basks in a moment where she feels so safe
Lord, lift her up, let this feeling never leave
For a beginning it is, for a missionary



~ by Celebration Missions on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Medical Missions Costa Rica”

  1. Beautifully written.

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