CLC LA Dreamcenter– Reflections

lizzieAs I was looking out from the observatory out at the city of Los Angeles I didn’t just see a city of lights and chaos or busy streets filled with more lights but I saw a sea of candles. The city was a vast plain filled with flickering flames. I noticed that very few of the lights were bright which symbolized the very few radicals completely sold out to Christ. Most of the city was dimly lit, which stood as the countless numbers of people who are confused about who God really is. Is he mean; is he lame, does he exist? And then there were the invisible lights, the ones that God revealed as the lost, and the people who have never heard the good news. The empty flames that have not experience the good work of the Lord nor his love. I was immediately plagued with all these possibilities of what’s really going on in the city as I gaze upon it; rape, abuse, violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, distorted views of beauty, eating disorders, sexual sin, murder, gang related issues…man the list could go on and on.

What about the good? What about the teenage boy who chose to stay home and play video games with his little brother instead of going out with the “popular” kids to do nothing but shoot up and tag a wall on the side of the interstate. Or what about that mother and father who tells their little princess that she is everything? What about the good? People volunteering their days and time to helping feed the homeless and less fortunate families or the teenage runaway who has found himself in a boat load of trouble. There’s giving out of the kindness of hearts, church services, people looking out for people, there’s love and compassion. What happened to those? What happened to unveiling true beauty, the kind that comes from God? How come the good has been replaced by evil, deceitfulness, envy, and DEATH?

Why is it that when we are in the midst of the city we are confused and we aren’t sure which way is which? But when I was standing at the top of that observatory with the whole city in my sight I could see all the perfectly straight streets, the freeways, the maze of streets, it was so clear where to go. God is that way! When we are in the midst of brokenness, and can’t see clearly we look to other things to pull us through but God, now he sees all the possibilities and all he wants is for us to keep our eyes fixed on him and he’ll show us the way out. In Him there is peace, clarity, serenity, and complete wholeness. What happened to a city that holds so much power and has so many beautiful creations?


November 15, 2008

As I take one more final look at the sea of flames I find myself completely comfortable in knowing that we did our best. Our best at showing God’s love, we did our best at serving with all of our hearts and our best at being a unit in the body of Christ. We came across multitudes of people, young and old. Somehow, looking at the city this time was different. I think I understood a lot more about God’s heart for the lost and the hurting. I think I understood true beauty. And I promise it didn’t lie in the fancy clothes or tourist’s sights. But it was in the hearts of every soul that was looked upon, smiled upon, prayed upon, beauty came from within. Beauty is not something that can be obtained but it is something that has already been instilled from the beginning of time. Everybody has this beauty! But not everyone understands its power. People are God’s heart, they are more beautiful than any vast ocean or mighty mountain, they are more precious than any diamond or any star on Hollywood Blvd. I take comfort in knowing that the potter has everything under control. That no matter how broken LA may be, God has them in the palm of his hand.

 My prayer for my brothers and sisters in LA is that they too will reach the point of final realization that their beauty is in the heart. That God has big plans for the goodness that overflows.

–Lizzie Miller


~ by Celebration Missions on November 24, 2008.

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