A Vision of Spiritual Warfare in DC

steven-resizedIts been a wild adventure up here in DC so far. Everyday our group has molded closer to one another, and we were all pretty close friends before coming up here. Yesterday while at one of the dream team member’s house I had a vision. But before I tell you it I want to tell you about the moments right before it.
I had been fasting all day and God was really moving in everything I was doing yesterday and so I WAS FIRED UP!!!(as Stovall would say)But at the same time evil of many kinds was attacking me and I felt overwhelmed. Then at this dream team member’s house we began some praise and worship while everyone else was waiting for dinner to be prepared. Sitting there as my brother played the guitar I started making up a song I later titled “My Prayer Song”, It was rediculously thick with the Spirit in that room and as i was singing The Lord told me to bow to Him. So I got on my knees and as soon as I did I recieved a cramp in my leg (funny right) well that should not have normally happened because like I said I was fasting and drinking plenty of water. So I immediately hit the ground face down, which is where I have been plenty of times during praise and worship so I went with it believing that God had something for me to see. And HE did! I invisioned our group back out in front of the White House standing in a circle and darkness was falling all around us from every side of DC yet we didnt fear. It drew closer and closer toward us as if it was to devour us. As it got near we began to sing this “Prayer Song” and right before it touched us a super natural white light beamed out of us and lit up the entire city!!! There was no room for Satan or any darkness in DC anymore for The Lord has reclaimed His land. Our Capital. This to me was a tribute to all the work physically and spiritually we did in this city, I really feel like we stirred this place up. Praise God, for through Him all things are possible. – Steve Bajalia


~ by Celebration Missions on January 3, 2009.

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