jonathan-resizedIt is Friday night here in the city. I am learning so much about being a servant for God. Our lives are dedicated to serving the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This week God has called me to be apart of an up-and-coming church here in D.C. I have had many great expreriences with the incredible group that I am here with. It was so awesome enjoying New Years together on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I was passing out cards for the new church in the streets of D.C., to bring in the new year.

God has humbled me and it is a true blessing. I am learning a lot about humility and how pride is the root of all sin. No one on this team has time to be selfish and if they are, Satan can instantaneously gain access to the group and bring dissention. I am learning the true humility doesn’t mean that you have to think less about yourself, rather to think about yourself less. We must take into consideration how each other are feeling at all times. We have put each other on pedistools and die to our own feelings and desires.

The people in DC seem very sad and busy chasing the dollar, I guess. It saddens me to see that people are trying to gain satisfaction from prestige and wealth. God did not create us to serve two masters, and He severely warned against worshiping money. I see these people running chasing the American dream, chasing the dollar, rushing….I just wish they would chase GOD!



~ by Celebration Missions on January 4, 2009.

One Response to “DC”

  1. I agree that pride is a powerful thing and easy to serve. The people in Washington are fortunate to have you there to try to show them that God’s love is so much more rewarding than money or power. God bless you for serving Him and His purposes.

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