New Year’s Eve in DC

jp-resizedOn New Years Eve we went to Old Towne to pass out some cards for DC Metro Church. I was with Stephen and Haley. Stephen gave a card to a guy. The guy had been drinking and was a little drunk. He took about 10 steps and just stared down at the card. There is nothing really spectacular about the card. One side it has the directions to the church and the other side it has the church’s name on it. Yet he was standing there staring at it for a little bit when Haley noticed him and pointed him out to me. You could tell that he needed prayer, so we walked over there. After talking to him a little bit, he just started crying and asking us why we gave him the card. He seemed a little hesitant to open up because we were in public. We just told him that it was a divine appointment. We all prayed for him and spent about 45 minutes talking to him. Just letting him know how much God loves him and has plan for his life. After talking further, he was concerned for his brother’s salvation, so we prayed again with him for his brother. Keep in mind; this was on a crowded street with dozens of people walking by. At this point, the 6’4, 215 lb former All-American football player was completely broken and didn’t care what anyone thought. Jesus completely removed any pride from his heart! Amen!! He is an Air Marshal, so we all went back to his hotel because he insisted on giving us marshal pins. On the way back to the hotel, we exchanged contact information. Today he sent me this message:

hey man–
just wanted to thank you all for what you guys do and continue to do.
i was meant to see you all last night and I thank you and God for that. Tell everyone there last night thanks.

All I can say is thank you Jesus! Thank you for putting this man in our path. If he is the only life God has used me to impact on my trip up here it is so worth it!!

JP Ott


~ by Celebration Missions on January 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “New Year’s Eve in DC”

  1. That was a wonderful testimony! How great it is to be able to converse with these people later on after they may be sober or what not. It just proves that God’s word does NOT return void.
    Way to go brother! Way to go Jesus!

  2. That is so awesome JP! Gave me shivers when I read it. You guys are awesome! God is awesome!

  3. I am so happy to see what all God is doing in your walk with Him.

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