Praise Him!!!

luda-resizedWOW… my first missions trip. I would describe it as definitely the biggest, most dynamic, most intense rollercoaster ride EVER!! For me, it has been a journey of serious attacks, and incredible victories, followed by revelations shortly there after…over and over and over again. I have learned what it really means to get out of your “comfort zone” as many of my buddies can attest to. I have discovered the best way to successfully overcome attacks through Praise. If there is one thing satan can’t stand, it’s when we praise Jesus, regardless of what we’re going through. Although for the most part, we’re always around someone, so when I have felt like something was going on, I would just ask someone to pray for me. I have learned that I need to also be able to overcome those attacks when I’m alone. When I start to feel weak in any area,
(spiritually, mentally, or physically) I begin to pray in the Spirit and then just praise Jesus, for everything I can think of. Within a matter of minutes- I am overcome with joy, and praise for how blessed I am to have hope, to know that my future is secure, because my life is in God’s hands! Then I just get sooo excited about overcoming that I start singing a song. I am defintiely not saying that it’s easy, but I’ve discovered that it’s just doing what I need to do, even if I don’t feel like it. This has been successful for me EVERY TIME, and I’m loving it! I had heard people tell me that missions trip are always times of stretching and immense growth, but it’s definitely all of that and a whole lot more!! You have to go on one to know! I am soaking in sooo many things right now, that I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of the things I’ve learned in here. This city absolutely breaks my heart – I have had vision my whole life, but in Washington DC, my eyes got a new vision. God’s vision. A vision from up above, above myself, outside of myself, to just how completely broken people are. How hungry they are to feel alive – by filling their lives and surrounding themselves with things that only bring temporary relief from the hurt and pressure of this world… but they look so empty!! Yesterday, we were priveleged to go out to the underground metro subway system, to pass out cards for Pastor David Stine’s DC Metro Church, and It was amazing to me how shocked people looked at me when I smiled at them and said a simple “goodmorning,” or a little “hi”- most of them were about to pass by me, then they’d look up and their faces lit up like a little child’s does, when they find out they’re getting a gift! The thing that is awesome about passing out those cards, is that, they are getting a gift…many of them thought the cards were something related to the metro transit system, and I thought to myself they ARE getting a heaven!! To know Jesus!! it’s up to them, whether they receive it or not. Some did, and some didn’t, but either way, they got prayed for by myself and my AMAZING buddies. I am sooo thankful for getting the opportunity to come here and see how urgently this city needs God. It’s history was founded on God, and I want to help in any, and every way possible to bring God back into it. Thank you all who are reading up on these blogs and continually praying for us! You all are such blessings! Thank you soooo much!!!! Love you !!

Luda Kovalenko


~ by Celebration Missions on January 4, 2009.

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