Costa Rica Singles Trip Tuesday 2/24

Sunday night we did a prayer walk in Alajuelita close to 68 ministries. We delivered a wheelchair to a needy man named Louie It was very touching. Donna delivered her sewing machine to Martha to start her business for her family. Donna purchased the sewing machine 5 years ago and never used it. It was touching to see how God had a plan for it all along. We met alot of locals and prayed with them.

Monday was a very busy day. We all got up too early because all of our alarms were going off at Eastern time instead of Central time. So we were at least all ready to go several hours early. We took the bus to Aurora and did a prayer walk there. We deliverd 100 hygene packs and prayed with them. We took presents to the little boy that Yanira is sponsoring. We walked up and down lots of terrains, not quit like Florida. We had lunch at the church in Aurora and met Horhay (I am sure thats misspelled). Also met his family. He is the pastor that Celebration is considering. We were very impressed with him. Very loving and compassionate with God’s people. After church we did more prayer walk and then ended up in the afternoon at the school to teach English lessons. That was alot harder than we thought. We had to first say it in spanish and then in English. The children I worked with just laughted at my horrible spanish. Then after school we catch the bus back to Alajuelita.

Each night we have chapel. Last night we had the Ticos come join us and we learned how to worship Costa Rica style. Very cool. Horhay led the group. We hope to go to one of his services this week. We are trying to learn a spanish song to bring back.

At the end of Monday night we were all extremely exhausted from all the walking and Costa Rica praise and worship – which feels like aerobic dancing. I was kidding everyone last night that we joined a fitness spa and didn’t know it. Fitness for the mind and body. 🙂


~ by Celebration Missions on February 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Costa Rica Singles Trip Tuesday 2/24”

  1. That sounds awesome I wish I was their with all of you! I hope you guys have a wonderful time and bring back some amazing stories and testimonies. I Love You all and I am praying for all of you!

    P.S. Please tell my mom Donna Rippel that I love her and we miss her. Thank you.

    Amber Rippel

  2. I’m praying for ya’ll & excited to see how God is gonna move. Praise God for your sewing machine Donna! I know it’ll be a blessing!

  3. hi every body,it looks like yall having a blast.keep up the good work and be safe.its a jungle out there,ha ha.the time change got every one up early thats like(the early bird gets the worm).keep in touch waiting to here the stories and testimonies that comes back home.p.s. donna i miss you be glad to see you. love ken

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