Wed 2/25 Costa Rica Singles Trip

We walked to Juan Pablo in the morning. One crew worked on the field where the kids play, mowing down the weeds and cleaning up rocks. Another team went door to door with children’s vitamins and spanish bibles. They invited all the children to the community center. At the community center, we had lots of craft projects for the kids. The fruitloop necklaces were a big hit. They also liked painting and coloring. We did some face painting. We also gave out some hygene bags and some hair things for the mothers. They were all overjoyed at the gifts and the fun we had in the center. Steve’s group out in the field, Mike lost his eye glasses in the very high weeds, they all prayed together and God led Roy to find them. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. Yanira’s group that went door to door, had an encounter with a family whose mother just passed away that morning. She was still there in the house and they asked the team to pray over her. Which they did. Very interesting morning. God was there for us and helped us through all the difficult circumstances we had to deal with.

Then we walked back to the team house, had lunch and took the afternoon in San Jose. We took the public transportation system into the city, then walked for miles it seemed around the city. Very interesting adventure. We got to shop at the market and eat at a local restaurant. Then back home very tired and worn out. But great fun day.


~ by Celebration Missions on February 25, 2009.

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