Costa Rica: Singles Team 2/26/09- Notes from Team Members

Another new day. Today it is on to a painting project and a moving project. We will be painting the front of a local school. They closed the school for the afternoon so we can get this accomplished. It is the same school that we went and practiced English with the students. It will be two colors, with lots of trim work. –Wayne

jerry-resizedHaving a great time working with the children. It is a great experience and if you ever thought about going on a missions trip this would be a great one for your first which would not be your last to this location. Went yesterday to a National Volcano park, the wind was blowing about 50mgh it felt like the temp was in the 30’s. Had a great lunch at a local resturant very reasonable. Then on to a cathedrial which was pretty awesome. Hi my son Marshall. Love ya and see you soon. –Jerry

img_1016-resizedHelp send money must leave this place. The team has lost their cookies. I must save my self. Just kidding having a wonerful time. The team is growing and sharing Gods love in many ways. One moring I was cleaning a ball field and in about an hour I was ready to quit, when a little girl handed me trash then I realized what I was there for. –Steve Miller

We will rise from our ashes of the situations in our lives. Those situations will be will be put to good use by God.
–Bob DiAngelo

rubyHi to my precious family and friends!! Wow words cannot describe this trip or the things we have seen We came to be a blessing to others but yet it is us that are having life changing moments and personal break throughs! This has put an end to life as I knew it. Thank God – H has hit me head on and I will never be the same. The people here (Ticos) are the most amazing I have ever met. They have so little, yet they have so much love and joy! They do not understand “stranger” as everyone they meet is a neighbor. They are so open and receptive to us. I thank God that He has allowed me to be a part of this group – what a wonderful and crazy bunch of brothers and sisters. I cannot wait for our next trip. I miss you all and love you beyond measure. Thanks for your prayers and we will see you in a couple of days!
–Ruby Sterling


~ by Celebration Missions on February 26, 2009.

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