Costa Rica: Singles Team 2/25- Notes from Team Members

red-dress-resizedHello everyone and my baby girl Shiloh. We are having a great time. We are praying and helping many people, we even got to pray in a room, with the dead granmother. Everything else is not as exciting but the Tico’s are so loving and always welcome you into their home no matter how humble it is It’s hard to believe the conditions people live in and still are smiling and so grateful that you give into their lives. Not only do they love for you to pray for them but they usually turn around and pray for you also. You receive so much more than you give. People say your life will never be the same and it is so true………….
Love you and miss you mucho, Sue Galanius

img_2470-resized-2Hi, this is Toni. Everything is going GREAT! The countryside is beautiful. The team is great!
Look forward to seeing all of you next week to share stories.

cathy-newWhat a blessing we had tonight praising with these precious Ticos. All of us singing to the Lord.
–Cathy New

donna-resized1This has been an experience that I will never forget. The local Costa Ricans or Ticos are so warm and welcomed us with open arms. We came here to bring Jesus to them but I have to say that they have shown me who Jesus really is. There openess has been a true blessing. These people have nothing but have welcomed us into their homes and gave me more than I thought possible. Through Jesus ALL things are possible and I know that He will provide. Blessings to my family and friends. Miss you all and love you much! –Donna Rippel

wayne-resizedHi All. This has been the most awesome experience. We have been able to bless many people, but it seems like we get as blessed as they do. Miss you Lisa Bill and Brook at breakfast. Hi to the rest of my children will fill you all in when I return. —Wayne Nagrosst

Hello my sweet Lorra, friends and to all my family! God has used us to bless so many families in need during this trip. I have been so touched by the people here. I’m so thankful for being apart of such a wonderful opportunity to serve and show Gods love to so many families. Miss you! –Sarah Littleton

This trip has been amazing! We came to share God’s word and love, and to be a blessing, but I believe that we have been blessed more. I know that I will never be the same and I thank God for it. This country and the people are beautiful and I can’t wait to come back. –Susan Baldwin

img_1911-resizedTo My Girls and Jeff…Thank you and all my love. Jeanine, Brittney, and Jeff, you are missed, thought of and prayed for. Thank you to all of our prayer partners…your prayers are being answered in amazing ways here in Costa Rica. We have wittnessed miracles, cried with hurting children and families, watched in awe the sense of togetherness and pride in what we consider very little, (material things)….God has and is changing each and everyone of us from the inside out. There is so very much needed and so little we can do in just one week. GET READY….YOUR TIME IS NOW!!! Our morning and evening devotion w/68 Ministries, and the local Tico’s is AWESOME….GOD IS ALIVE AND WORKING HERE…. Lots of Love and Prayers…Sandy Barker

yanira-resizedHello friends and family,my darling children,
I love you so much!!! I miss you so much!!!We serve such an awesome God!!!He is alive and well!!!I thank God for opening this door to come to Costa and serve the awesome ticos.There is so much work to be done in this city,I encourage you to pray and consider what part you have in their lives.The ticos are a beautiful people, they have my heart.I’m still here and i already looking forward to returning.It has been a great joy to see how God is transforming our teams life! They will be messed up for life!,Glory to God!!!May we impact many for His kingdom. –Love,Yanira


~ by Celebration Missions on February 26, 2009.

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