Laura Josephs

Laura Josephs

Hey guys! It’s Laura and Catherine! We are going to share with you all about what God presented to us today in Costa Rica. We have really been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many wonderful children while we are here and spread the word of God to them.  God was truly working miracles here today!

I (Laura) was so blessed with the opportunity to meet a little girl today named Maria. I called her Mi bonita Maria. She was an eleven year old girl who attended the elementary school that we visited. As the guys in our team worked hard on painting the school, the girls went into the classrooms to teach the children English. As school came to an end, most children went home, but a few stayed till the time we left. I was able to get more intimate with a few of the little girls. Catherine and I prayed with two girls. Maria being one of them. From the moment I met her, I saw a beautiful soul full of innocence and purity. She just seemed to have a special annointing upon her. We prayed for her safety and well being. We also prayed for her to one day be a strong woman of God and for her to grow to know him and his word. After we were done, Maria went home and returned with a little girl who was a family member of hers. She wanted the little girl to met us and to also recieve the love we had shared with her and the other children. We had brought with us, to Costa Rica, a few  beaded braclets with a Jesus fish charm in hopes to give them to children who truley touched our heart or who we just felt that extra special bond with. Maria was definitely one of those children for me. I gave Maria and her younger relative the bracelets and told them how I mcuh I loved them and how much Jesus loved them.  Then I had Rico, are unofficial group translator, tell the girls that in America, the fish is a symbol of Jesus Christ and to always remember that when they look at their bracelets. Maria then left and went all the way home only to return with a little silver ring with flowers on it and placed it on my finger. She told me it was hers and she wanted me to have it. I couldnt believe the geniune gesture of this little girl and the love i felt between me and her all in the name of God. The Lord blessed us both so much allowing us to meet and cross each others paths in such a special way. God is so wonderful and beautiful. I feel so blessed to be here and be experiencing God’s glory. Thank you again for all your prayers and support!

Catherine Ballard

Catherine Ballard

I (Catherine) was able to not only experience, but witness God working in Laura’s and Maria’s hearts today. I also saw the light that Maria had in her.  I truly believe that she could see God working through us to touch peoples lives while being there. I could see the passion and love Laura had for this young girl. Not only was I able to see the connection between the two of them, but i was able to see and feel the presence of God by witnessing the time they spent together.

Earlier this afternoon we had the joy of teaching one of the sixth grade classes English. Knowing that one day Laura would like to become a teacher, I saw that this was evident that Gods will for her was to teach young children. One amazing thing about this trip, is not only am I witnessing God in my own personal encounters but also by watching him work through my fellow team mates. The Lord reveals himself to us in so many ways, not only am I witnessing Gods work through my own personal experiences, but also through the experiences of others. For this I feel so blessed and I cant wait to see God reveal himself to me even more throughout the rest of this trip. God bless!!!! 🙂


~ by Celebration Missions on March 18, 2009.

8 Responses to “Maria”

  1. Wow! The tears are flowing as I read about everyones experiences. Keep up the good work! I am truly blessed to have such amazing young women in my life!

  2. Ladies, I have been praying for you all to encounter the Lord in Costa Rica in a new way! Looks like he is answering my prayers! I also want you to know that your willingness to be used by God in Costa Rica has encouraged me greatly here in the states! I am reminded that we must see the children of our nation through such eyes and love them the way you are loving Maria! Thank you ladies for blogging!

    Please give Haley a Big Hug for me and let her know she (as are the rest of you) has been on my mind constantly this week! Love you all…
    You’re sister in Christ- Lindsey

  3. Thats awesome! God really is working with yall there and through you. Thats definitly a display of the love of Christ, and its true he displays himself in so many ways. God Bless everyone, and Hi Milbrey, I miss ya!

  4. Hey, Ladies!! We love you guys and we are praying for ya! You’ll never know the depth of the impact you are making by sowing your lives into the people you are meeting. GO JESUS!!!


  5. Haley, I am so excited that you are spreading God’s love and good news in costa Rica this week. Dad and I know that you are experiencing alot of joy that comes from serving others as well as thankfulness for the opportunity to be used by Him in such an awesome way. We love and miss you. Can’t wait to see youon Sat/Sun and hear all about your week. We are praying for you all.
    Hugs and kisses…Mom & Dad

  6. Maria & Catherine… how beautiful and amazing are those little innocent girls?! Gosh don’t you just want to hug them forever? I am so happy that God has placed you in this experience for you to truly see the miracle and power of love and how it transcends language, age, cultures, everything… Little Maria will forever be touched by your love and she will remember you always for what you did! Amazing what a little affection and genuine love will do. Wish everyone could experience that! I am praying for you guys and just know that you are already transformed and strengthened by His Spirit! I can tell already! Have fun and take advantage of each moment! xoxo

  7. Catherine, it’s awesome to watch your progress in Costa Rica. I am so proud of you and the work you are doing in the name of the Lord. You are the first missionary I have ever sponsored and its touched my heart so much I can guarantee you will not be the last. Take care, spread the word, and know that I love you and miss you. Miss Kat

  8. Love you Laura. Keep up the good work. Say hello to your sister for me.


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