An understanding of our possessions…

Matt McGraw

Matt McGraw

As we walked around the streets today doing various activities that were planned I noticed so many things that shocked me and the team.  It is true, those that said that we were going to have a “culture shock” were right.  It was so heart breaking and intense to see how these people lived their lives.  Living in areas a fraction of what the average house in the US is, with tin roofs and barely a floor.  Seeing this reality made us wonder why this culture is the way it is and why its OK.  But see, the real reason of why these people are so OK with how they live is that they don’t know any different.  They DON’T have the expectations that WE do being in the United States, or “the chosen place” according to the locals here in Costa Rica.  They see us as being rich and mighty and having everything in the world that we want.  In a sense it is true!  We have the opportunity to have anything we want and compared to the culture down in Costa Rica, we are rich and we do have power.  Going to the different schools and houses and seeing all of the “shocking” stuff is different.  It’s hard.  It’s difficult to react to.  I say this and bring this issue into concern not to convict anyone of their possessions or of their wealth.  I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad so that they go and sell everything because they feel they need to or that they aren’t worthy of their possessions.  I ask why is there a difference in our cultures and in our possessions.  Why is there a difference in the way we live and in the way we interpret things.  Us that are so well taken care of by God take advantage of what we have because we have it.  I feel that in our culture the possessions that we have are norms and standards and are not accounted for in how we are blessed.  Are we not equally worthy?  We are all created equal.  It’s true.  It is written in the Bible.  God said that every man was created equal and accountable for the same responsibilities and sins.  I say this to make it aware that it is important for us to be thankful for what we have and to not take advantage of how blessed we are for what we have and what we own.  I take time to thank God for the vehicle I drive, for the roof over my head and for the clothes on my back.  I know that I have an abundance of things and I also understand that I and truly blessed by God with what I have been given.  I get so fired up when people aren’t thankful for what they have.  Actually, everything that we have, we are actually borrowing.  God owns everything and has blessed each one of us different with what we have.  He GAVE to us.  All that I feel that we need to do is simply just be thankful.   I just pray that people have an understanding of what they have.  That they understand the difference between NEEDS to WANTS.  Being on this trip really puts into perspective what we truly need in life.  We all need the TRUTH.  We need God in our lives.  As long as we put Him FIRST and strive to fulfill His calling for our lives, He will take care of us and will reward us for our hard work and dedication to the expansion of His kingdom.

Matthew 6 : 25 – 34


~ by Celebration Missions on March 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “An understanding of our possessions…”

  1. Amen Brother. I will continue to pray for you guys as you on the trip. It is a great to be able to realize that God has truly blessed us here back home and that we need to really evangelize wherever we are. I have been moved by this so much, I know God is working through you and I miss you guys!!!! Love ya Matt. Say Hey to Trev, Lars, Britt, and everyone else. Really Press into God these last couple of Days and Praise God through your good works! Much Love Your Brother in Christ, Jack

  2. That is amazing that God laid that on your heart Matt! It is so true, we take advantage of the many things that we have been blessed with! God doesn’t owe us anything, but he gives to us! What an amazing God! It is so cool to see the faith of the Costa Ricans even when they don’t live the lifestyle we live. But then that makes me think.. God doesn’t want us to be acustome to one lifestyle, he wants us to all come together and unite as one body of christ from different backgrounds for his GLORY! Your words are very encouraging! We are all praying for you guys and I pray that God continues to speak to you in these last few days! Miss you all and give Haley a huge hug for me and say “no no no” haha she will understand 🙂

  3. Hi Matt,

    Yes, it amazing how blessed we all are just to be born in the USA. You guys have done a great job helping those so less fortunate.
    James 2:20
    “When will you ever learn that believing is useless without doing what God wants yuo to do? Faith that does not result in good deeds is not real faith.”

    You all have that covered!!!!!

    See you soon,
    Love, Mom O.

  4. I am amazed at how God is using you!!!!!

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