Pura Vida

Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash

It’s our last full day here in Costa Rica! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the day out….a hike up to see the crosses. Ever since we arrived, I’ve found myself gazing up at the cross on top of the mountain for inspiration to keep on going. Today we were all finally able to hike up and see them for ourselves. It was a long and hard hike, imagine the incline up a mountain combined with the lack of paved walkways. We were fighting the bushes, rocks and gravity trying to make it up to the top! At the first one I had that aha moment, if the view of the valley was amazing here I couldn’t even imagine the one from the next cross. We made it to the next where it was one of those moments that was bitter sweet, we could stop here and take it all in or keep on trudging through the insane conditions to get to the final cross. We made it to the top and all I can say is I think I found heaven on Earth! You could sit and see over either side of the mountain; either the San Jose valley or this incredible set of mountains that were untouched by civilization. I sat and just couldn’t believe my eyes! The mountains that were set before me were so pure, there were no houses, cars, roads, farms, nothing! All I could sit back and think about was my life and all of the impurities. I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol but instead the white lies, a slip of a cuss word, missing my morning devotional, not respecting others, and falling into pleasures of my flesh (like Oreos, haha). As a culture of people we can get so caught up in things that aren’t pure. My life with Jesus has been full of pure and impure moments, I wonder what my life would be like if I took everything that I know and applied it without impurities finding their way in. As I sat on the mountain I came to a realization that our lives as Christians can be pure but we have to want it. I have to say that after seeing those mountains I felt like my life was completely and totally purified. I finally came to an understanding of what purity really means. Thank you Jesus!!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome week – can’t wait to be home and tell you guys all about it!

Lauren Ash


~ by Celebration Missions on March 20, 2009.

One Response to “Pura Vida”

  1. H Lauren,

    I am so glad you had a great time ,and lived to tell about it!!! That must have been amazing. I hope you took lots of pictures. It is a good thing you are in such good shape!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories!!

    Love, Mom O.

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