CLC Swaziland- Sunday, May 24

Today was Sunday and this of course meant the church service at Healing Place Swaziland. The big plug for today’s service was getting the people of the church plugged into serving and potentially Healing Place’s one year internship. Pastor Ben requested that Lee and two of our interns speak in front of the congregation explaining their experiences with the internship and what surrendering to Christ really looks like; and, to my great dismay, I was one of the interns chosen. Speaking in front of a small group of people is not my favorite thing to do, so you can imagine how I felt realizing I was to speak in front of a little over 200; but, I knew this was a divine appointment. I knew God wouldn’t put me in this situation if He didn’t want to stretch me, if He didn’t want to do a work in me, and if He didn’t want to and know He could speak through me to reach the people of this church. As I attempted to prepare Saturday night, my brain and nerves were a mess. I knew that no matter how I felt, I was going to get up in front of that congregation in the morning and complete what God had placed in my lap, but I was so afraid of failing, I was so afraid of messing up and letting God down that it was paralyzing me. Upon my realization of this factor, God spoke to my heart, He showed me that by letting this fear overcome me, I wasn’t even giving myself the opportunity to be unsuccessful, I wasn’t opening myself up and this was keeping me from so many opportunities and so many chances to be used. The reality was that the only way I could possibly fail was to speak from my own flesh, to not remove myself and let God shine forth, to not be His vessel reaching and touching the lives and hearts that He choose.

So upon this revelation I accepted the task of the next morning and set my mind to trusting God to speak what He wanted to speak and use me however He chose. The next morning trying to keep under control the fear and nerves of what was to come ahead, the girls prayed over me and what was about to occur, knowing how difficult the task was going to be. As I stepped onto that stage, I was nervous, but felt a strange, surreal peace. God knew that I was on that stage for Him and His people. He knew and I knew that if anything was going to come out of my mouth that was anywhere near comprehensible or impactful, it was going to have to be completely, absolutely, and utterly Him; and I know this exactly what occurred. God took over, using my heart and my experience and I have no idea what actually came out of my mouth. What a glorious situation! As everyone finished speaking, Pastor Ben had the ushers pass out connection slips for the people to fill out. He opened up the front stage for the congregation to take that step of faith, to commit to serving, to getting more information, or to getting plugged into the internship; and, fighting tears, I saw the result of mine as well as Lee’s and Brandon’s willingness to obey God, as people poured down the aisles to the front stage placing their blue slips down in their own obedience to God. He is so good, He wants and will use all of us, but, until we open ourselves up to our biggest fear, until we put ourselves out there and risk failing, He will never have the opportunity. He will never be able to show us that we can make a difference, that He can draw on us to change His kingdom and people’s change lives.

— Casey Simpson


~ by Celebration Missions on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “CLC Swaziland- Sunday, May 24”

  1. So proud of you Casey! Love that you took a step of faith and trusting God to speak through you — I have no doubt God is using you and the CLC team in a powerful way! Praying for yall!

  2. Casey, I am so proud of you and overcoming what I know is a big hurdle for you! God works out of our comfort zone and I am so happy that you gave in to God and allowed Him to work through you, which gave a big impact for the Kingdom. I am so thankful to have seen you grow this past year. Know that I am praying for all of you and can’t wait to see you! Be safe.

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