COSTA-Jorge Coronado: Pastor of Celebration Costa Rica

IMG_1479-resized After 3 very full days of massive amounts of some very cool, back-breaking work, our “quick strike” mission trip to Costa Rica is wrapping up.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most impactful part of this trip for me has been working with and getting to know Jorge Coronado.  Jorge is the Pastor of Celebration Costa Rica and he is straight-up awesome.  He is an extraordinarily passionate and meek man with a heart that is focused on serving others.  His meekness is not what we think of from an American cultural sense; his meekness comes from a quiet incredible strength; a meekness that is highly effective and clearly sustainable.  Jorge has 4 kids and abeautiful wife (Marisol) who helps out in the kitchen at “6-8” ministries.

Jorge bounces around the streets of Alejuita hugging women and children and shaking hands.  He knows people by name and knows their current situation.  People shout out to him from across the street and down the block.  These locals are not necessarily congregants, but they love seeing him, because Jorge clearly values them.  At dinner several nights ago, the team ask Jorge what he felt his purpose was in life; he said it was to serve others like Jesus served others.  When he talks about his salvation experience he tells you the exact year, month, day, hour and minute that, “my life ended and I now live my life for God.”  His life story is amazing but we will save that for when he visits Celebration Jacksonville.

It is very difficult to convey the passion of this man for people and for Jesus.  You have to see him and talk to him to understand it.  It is clear to me that we cannot invest enough in him and in Celebration Costa Rica.  The return on investment will be incredible because Jorge has dedicated himself to live for Jesus; to serve others in humility and meekness.

I am very thankful that God has blessed Celebration with such an incredible leader for the church in Celebration.  There is no need for us to think that we need to bring “our vision” / the Celebration Jacksonville culture down to Costa Rica.  Jorge has the vision because he is uncompromisingly living a God First Life and he is living out that passion for the people around him to see.


~ by Celebration Missions on May 25, 2009.

One Response to “COSTA-Jorge Coronado: Pastor of Celebration Costa Rica”

  1. It is such a blessing to know Jorge and you are right he is such an amazing man of God and has such a presence about himself. God is definately moving in Costa Rica… I am excited for our church to grow there in Costa Rica… Jorge I feel was part of the family of Celebration from the start…. I am excited for all the things you guys did while over there and can’t wait to hear from you all… Blessings Shellie

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