CLC Swaziland Missions Trip

Top of the morning to you! Today started on an early note for me at 6:30 sharp! Zach woke me up. If you know me (Belmore) there’s a few things I don’t like to do in this world (1) mustard, (2) pickles, (3) French fries, (4) and being woke up before my body gets up! I was nominated to do the “devo” in the morning. After praying exhaustedly, I was lead to Romans 5:1-4 (read it). When you read the verses that God had given me for the group you will understand much better about what I’m about to write. I spoke o even when tribulations come, we are to rejoice because that is when perseverance and character are matured in our lives.

–Deep thought by Belmore if tough times come and you do not rejoice, God will let things happen untill you mature your perseverance and character. And that is when you show glory to God during the tribulations.

Now back on track. In Africa, you see many things, yes lions, penguins, and giraffes oh my, but I mean real devastation, hurting people, and lost people. While in Africa, if you don’t show these people the perseverance and character that you have obtained from God, ehn they will never know how to get out of there tribulation.

That was my “Top of the morning” for me, and until next time,

love ya,

Josh Belmore


~ by Celebration Missions on May 25, 2009.

One Response to “CLC Swaziland Missions Trip”

  1. Ha, I know the feeling of being woke up by Zach and it is not pleasant. LOL. I am so excited to hear everything when you guys get back.

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