CLC Swaziland Missions Trip

What’s up everyone it’s Tom! Today was Monday and another mind blowing day here in Swaziland, Africa! Let me just say that this trip is the cherry on top of an incredible year in the CLC. Today was an interesting day. We didn’t work with any children or other people so much but impacting none the less. It started at 6:30, just like every other day. With such a physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually intense experience here in Africa, we are all very tired already, but God is filling us with the energy we need to complete the tasks He has put before us. We had breakfast and Brandon gave the devo today. Awesome job by the way double B! We headed to Healing Place Church afterwards for an early meeting with their staff and volunteer team to organize and get ready for the Go Global Pastors conference this week. We covered a lot of information and I think everyone is well prepared and excited to see how God is going to move during this conference and the Servalution outreach.

Once the meeting was over we all jumped in the van and headed out for an amazing opportunity to serve. The place we arrived at was called the “I Am Not Forgotten Center.” It is a new place put together, that goes into the community and pulls out kids who are in dire need of rescuing. Whether it be because they are being abused or neglected. They will be going undercover to rescue these kids and give them a loving home and family to be a part of. The center is headed by an amazing Pastor and incredible man named Randy whose love and faith in God is something to strive for. Their church, Bride of Christ Church, is located right next door, enabling the kids to grow up in the arms of Christ. Our job was to finish the housing building so that the kids could be saved and brought in as soon as possible. We were to paint the entire building inside and out. It was up to us when these kids would be given new hope. The place was very nice with electricity and all. Before painting we all got to see a cool healing from Christ on Belmore, and then we got rocks and wrote scripture from the Word of God on the walls and prayed over the rooms. It was amazing to see that the Breath of God will be surrounding these children all the time. I thought and prayed a lot while I was painting, and God really touched me and softened my heart for these kids. This is what it is all about. Love. We are to love how Christ loves. “for if we have not love, then we have nothing…” Christ is our perfect example of what love is, reaching out to the needy and loving the unloved. This is only a small fraction of what we can give back to God and the world. We began painting and unfortunately not long after me and Lindsay got pulled to go to a worship team meeting. The rest stayed to finish.

God has really spoken to me this trip already. It is so easy to get caught up in our own personal relationship with Christ, that we forget that He is just as strong in others lives. I guess coming to Africa is a good wake up call that God is HUGE. He is just as strong here as He is anywhere. When I handed a piece of candy to a kid diagnosed with HIV, and as she took the candy, her eyes lit up with joy as they glanced up to me with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. The love and passion of Christ flowed through my veins. I couldn’t help but get emotional. God is too perfect to be ignored. He is too forgiving to not love. He is too big to not see. He is too loud to not hear. He is too strong to overcome. He is too beautiful too not be captivated by. He is too surrounding to hide from. He is too worthy to not be praised. He is too mighty to not submit too. He is too fulfilling to not experience. He is too infinite too not honor. He is the Great I Am. All I understand now, is that life without complete submission to His grace and mercy is empty.. pointless… sad… lonely… unfulfilling.. deceiving.. unrewarding.. fruitless… and bare. My God came to the earth simply to live a perfect life, and die blamelessly for you and me. He did it because the only way any of us could ever understand who He is, would be to live as a human, so we could relate and understand Him in a small fraction. If the person that means most to you in your life, think about who that is… died for you so that you could experience life.. how could you not owe them. I have made a decision to live for Him. And because of this, He brings me love, peace, happiness, joy, fulfillment, life, and most of all, a purpose. Who is God to you? All will know Him one day, whether it be through His saving grace, or by His mighty hand pressing down on your shoulders as all fall to their knees in His presence. He is God.

But back to today… Me and Lindz got to the church and taught their worship leader how to use the number system for directing worship. Then she helped with decorations while I helped the band, sound, and lighting team with getting set up. Then later we had a worship team meeting and got to know each other a little and pump each other up for the next few days. We will be playing with members from HPC Swaziland and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and also Life Church Memphis. We then ran through a rehearsal of the opening for the conference. Meanwhile the rest of the CLC team was finishing up the first coat on the building and then we all met up for dinner. We ended the night with another awesome debrief of the day, and an emotional intern uplifting conversation. I feel like everyone is bonding on such a huge level. We are saying things and expression emotions that I feel like we could have dug deeper into throughout the year. But it’s never too late with God’s perfect timing. I love this group with all my heart, and will they will forever remain with me. I owe them all so much! Well, so we obviously had another amazing and uplifting day here in Swaziland! We owe God all the credit and we thank everyone for all of your prayers and support. God is too big for any of us to ever understand on this Earth. It is our mission to spread the good news that we have. We can’t be selfish and keep it to ourselves. Seek God and you will be completely fulfilled. Thanks again everyone, see you guys soon! Until then, God be glorified in your life!


TJ MAXX!   (Tom Jackson)


~ by Celebration Missions on May 26, 2009.

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