CLC Swaziland: “Traveling Pants Sisters”

I am always blown away by the strength of God’s presence on the mission field. I always seem to feel him more and hear Him more clearly, when I go on these types of trips. What astonishes me is that whether I am in Africa or America, He is still the same God. So what changes? We pray and prepare. We become humble and thankful. We change. We begin to EXPECT God to show up, therefore He does.

Why are we willing to go to such extremes to save the world, but we fail to show love in our own homes? Just a thought…

Africa is great. I am so blessed to be here and I know that I am walking in the will of God for my life by being an intern and by being here in Swaziland. What gets me is that God is still teaching me the basics. This simple thing called love; sounds so easy, but it is taking me a lifetime to learn 

I want to see the deaf hear, the lame walk, the blind see, but God keeps amazing me in the little things, and keeps reminding me that even without these miracles, a relationship with Him and serving His people is anything but boring.

I love how He stretches me. God is constantly revealing to me areas in my own life and in my own heart that need work. I have been pushed to the limits in so many ways on this trip and it’s only day 5.

The first morning we got here we split into teams and went to different care points set up by Chidrens Cup. These care points are simply buildings for children to come during the week and receive food, medical attention, schooling, and Jesus. I was sent to Mandosa with Breea, Tom, Philip, and a guy from Childrens Cup named Patrick.

God wasted no time getting us out of our comfort zone, especially me. I was given the opportunity to speak to the youth group and was very excited until we actually got there, then I felt sick.  I love those moments when you realize that if God doesn’t show up, you are going to bomb. It was the scariest thing, and I don’t even really remember it. The message God gave me to share with these children is that everyone has a purpose to their life. God has a plan for everyone.

I shared with them from Jeremiah chapter 1, telling them that they were not an accident, and that God formed each of them with special and unique gifts. I also went on to read the part in which Jeremiah explains to God the fear he has because of his age. I then went on to tell them the story about David and Goliath, how David was the youngest, but he knew God would help him become victorious. Just as David faced Goliath, these children too are facing giants every day; giants in the form of dying parents, lack of food, raising a child, disease, homelessness, abuse and many other devastating obstacles. However, I truly believe that they were filled with even the smallest amount of hope knowing that, just like David, God is with them, and He will help them overcome.

Tomorrow we are hosting a conference for African Pastors, and the people here at HPC & CC have expressed to us how this is the beginning of something huge! These pastors will be hearing for the first time about serving!! How crazy is that? The concept of serving the community and doing local outreaches is pretty much unheard of. Coming from Celebration Church I can’t even really wrap my mind around that. The hope is to create an organization similar to ARK! If you have any understanding of ARK and it’s effectiveness than you can easily see that this really is the beginning of something huge!  Pastors will be able to share ideas and become united as one, as they team up to Grow the Church in Africa and the World.

Thanks to everyone who donated to me & our team, as well as those diligently praying for us back home. You are making a difference in my life as well as Africa and most importantly, The Kingdom of God.



~ by Celebration Missions on May 27, 2009.

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