Guatemala Medical Trip: I Met a Girl Named Gabriella

GaryI met a little girl named Gabriella on Wednesday, one of 45 Downs Syndrome children at a special private school in Guatemala. She is about 10 years old and when she saw me approach her small school desk she looked up at me with slightly crossed eyes. She wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up at me and hugged me and smiled. She did not let go for what seemed like 10 minutes. I met a little angel in Guatemala… Gabriella. She showed me a depth of love that I have seen few times in my life. The school was established by Alfred and Irene who sold their house to set up a place for these children; to learn and have a place to go to be loved and to be ministered to. These children have no one as they are rejected as imperfect. Alfred and Irene, after having a Downs child, Alfredo gave up their life for this cause. The team set up a clinic to examine all children to give out medicine and to love on these special children. You should see the smiles as we played ball and laughed and cried. We met 45 angels today. God’s special children… they ministered to us.

Gary Williams


~ by Celebration Missions on June 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Guatemala Medical Trip: I Met a Girl Named Gabriella”

  1. God is good!! I love to hear the stories from the trip!! I can’t wait until you guys get back to hear all about it. Keep up the good work, I am praying for all of you 🙂

  2. Thats awesome, I’m glad to see yall are doing well over there and touching so many peoples lives. Be safe see you soon.

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