Zambia College Life: It’s a Small World After All

143_0564-resizedWhen we arrived in Zambia on Wednesday, June 3, after 3 days of traveling, I felt like I was coming home. Growing up in Texas, the land seemed surprisingly familiar. I have always been a country girl, so sleeping in tents and using the ‘toilet’ in the bush was no big thing. After traveling in the Overland trucks for nearly 12 hours into the bush in the middle of nowhere, the thick dust covering us from the trip, and the inside of the truck filled with leaves from brushing past trees, I had no idea just what type of familiarity I was in for.

We began venturing out into the Simombe Village of the Nyawa Chiefdom day after day. We were in the bush for 8 days and it really did begin to feel like home. We were split into four teams for evangelizing and serving. My team kept running into the same family. I knew God had a special purpose for that. We prayed for families at their huts, helped them harvest their maise (white corn) and ground nuts (peanuts), and taught them how to get down for God!!! One day we played a game of soccer against the Zambians at one of the local schools. We won! Laura, our expedition leader, said we have never won! The Zambians were cheering so much for us! They were excited that the Mozungas beat them!

Our team saw several salvations, healings, and the last night of meeting together with the village we saw 2 women freed from tormenting spirits! God is so amazing! The best part I thought was the man from the family that we kept running into, Absalom, whom we had also healed of back and neck pains after the soccer game. At one of the night meetings, he brought his son for healing, whose hand was swollen. I saw such raw faith in this man, as he knew God had healed him, and he wanted his son to have that same healing. Two nights later, his hand was normal! Praise God! We developed such a sense of community with the village. I really did feel like I was home.

I read a passage in Luke 20 that says that in heaven there will be no marriage and family as we know it here on earth. The fact that I felt like I was home was reinforced. I realized this earth is so much smaller than we make it. We are all the same, no matter where we live, or if we have indoor toilets or not. Leaving the village to go back to the Overland base was gut-wrenching. But I know that this family will be together again in heaven, if not sooner. See you soon!

Jessica Syrus


~ by Celebration Missions on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “Zambia College Life: It’s a Small World After All”

  1. This is so awesome Jessica. I got goose bumps reading what you wrote and wishing I was there in Africa with you. I know God did amazing things through you and the team there and I can’t wait to sit down with you and help you with your transition back into the US. I know you are forever changed as well as the Zambians. Praise God!

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