Zambia College Life: I met a young boy named Laston

Matt resized So after a day of just hanging around, we left base at around 9:00am in our huge army trucks to head to the village. The ride was 12 hours long and so bumpy. As we were nearing the village, out of nowhere about 6 or 7 of the African villagers jumped on the back of the truck and climbed in. At first everyone was so scared because we had no idea what they were saying. After about 5 minutes of fear and excitement they started singing a song we were taught before we left called Takwaba. In English the song says, “There’s no one, there’s no one like Jesus…” We all joined in and had so much fun even before we got there.

When we pulled up tons of the villagers were there waiting for us, cheering. It was the greatest welcome I’ve ever experienced in my life. They were laughing and singing and jumping and dancing! It was amazing. We got down out of the trucks and immediately began to play with the little kids and greet the older people. Liz being Liz immediately was drawn to the kids and began reciting the A B C’s and numbers with them.

So much happened so it is so hard to really write everything but I will tell you about the meetings we had each night. Every night after a day of door to door or hut to hut ministry and working in fields, we had meetings with all the people that wanted to come. At first there weren’t a lot of Africans that showed up, but after the first night, so many more came. We danced and sang and loved on them and some developed connections with some of them. After all the dancing and singing we sat down and a few people each night preached and brought amazing messages. It was so amazing how these people just loved to listen and learn. After the messages we would ask if anyone needed prayer or wanted to give there life to the Lord and so many people came up each night. We prayed for so many different things, from malaria sicken babies to bad backs and necks. We saw miracle after miracle, night after night.

The last night we even saw two demons driven out of two separate ladies at the same time and they both wanted prayer for chest problems. When we started praying the first lady immediately started shaking as if she were cold so we kept praying and she shook harder and harder until she collapsed in Kelsey’s arms. Luckily she caught the woman because she had a baby on her back. These meetings were so amazing and never in my life had I seen miracles happen so freely and openly. Towards the end of the trip I met a young boy named Laston. Every day, even when none of the other Africans were there, him and his brother would come to our camp site and every night they would be at the meetings with their family. I would dance and sing with Laston and sit next to him each night. The last night was the worst. I had to say goodbye to them all, including Laston. I asked Aaron, one of our amazing interpreters, to translate something to him. I asked him to say, “I love you and I hope I can see you again.” Laston quickly replied and asked if he could have something to remember me by. I went to my tent and got my $80 Oakley sunglasses that were given as a gift and gave them to him. He loved them. As I walked away I began to cry and couldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe that after spending 7 days with these people I had to leave. They became family and I wanted to stay. We got up the next morning and said bye to those that were there. We packed up and left on another 12 hour trip back to the base. We are now back and my heart is still longing for those people.



~ by Celebration Missions on June 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Zambia College Life: I met a young boy named Laston”

  1. Wow Matt. How encouraging it must be to experience God’s miracles so frequently. It sounds like your team has been able to do quite a bit while you’ve been there and I am so excited that you shared some of your experience with the rest of us back in the U.S. I remember being in Costa Rica and bonding with the children and it truly is life changing. Matt, that little boy will always remember you and that act of kindness you showed when you gave him your sunglasses. I am so proud of you and the rest of the team for your courage and strength during this trip and for sharing your joy and love for the Lord with others. I am praying for your teams safe arrival and I can’t wait to see you all. I love you guys!

  2. sounds like you all made a deep impact and just as important received back as meant a lot to read your and others experiences…you are so fortunate to have touched the lives of others and in turn be touched by others and the lord…i love you

  3. i am so so so proud of u and i cant wait to hear ur stories…i hope to go next year!!!!im crying as i read this!!!and mom is sosososo proud of u! dad tells everyone about what u are doing and loves u so much!! i knew the christmas it snowed in jax the first christmas u were alive even if i was 5 i knew that day u were special and destined for greatness!!! dont let dad and mom down i love u forever
    ur sister

  4. Thats inspiring. Cant wait to hear more!

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