College Life Zambia Trip: Pay it forward

143_0566-resized I always wanted to go to Africa on a mission trip and now that it’s my last day of two weeks in Africa on a mission trip, I’m not sure if I want to cry because I have to leave in the morning, or say heck with it all and stay here and continue the work I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

I see changes in everyone from the team. We’ve all grown in different ways. Some of us have experienced things we never imagined could happen; and others have done things we didn’t think were possible. I think for each of us, we’ve been introduced to a new level of faith. I know my relationship with with God has been stretched and he has called me to that next level. It was a little scary at first, but once I understood what was going on by confiding in my leaders, I realized what God was doing for me and through me.

I’ve seen the impossible on this trip. I’ve also learned nothing is impossible when we have the Holy Spirit in us and we call on Jesus Christ to do the things we can’t do by ourselves. It’s been quite a learning experience. The key is believing all things are possible through him. Even when we doubt ourselves, and even if we doubt the things we are doing, all we have to do is have the faith in Him that His work will be done, that we are only a vessel by which His work can be done.

Jesus can’t be here, we are. We must be His hands, and go to the places where He is calling us to do the things He would do. We are to show others the power of His holy name so that they too can be saved by his salvation. All nations must be reached and we were the first white people (mazoongoos – as the Africans called us) to reach the kingdom of Nyawa, and the village of Simoombe. Every person I met was grateful to have us there. They were very welcoming and even gave us a pig to show their appreciation. This was pretty big for them, and so we shared the pig with the whole village at the last nightly meeting of testimony and praise.

The whole trip was simply amazing. I could go on forever. I guess the most important thing to know is that the trip was a success not only for the village that we went to, but for Overland Missions who guided our expidetion and will continue to visit with the kingdom and spread the word of God. Last but not least, the trip was successful to each member of the team that represented Celebration Church. Success is measured in different ways to everyone. I think each missionary would agree that everything we’ve experienced, seen, done, heard, felt, touched, and so on was worth everything we’ve given to be a part of this small bit of history. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

Thanks to everyone that been a part of helping each team member to prepare and provide for this mission. We’ve been blessed in so many ways. Not only are we looking for ways to pay the favors forward, but you too will be blessed for helping to do the Lord’s work. God bless everyone, and always look for that chance where you can help someone else. Have the faith. God will smile.



~ by Celebration Missions on June 14, 2009.

One Response to “College Life Zambia Trip: Pay it forward”

  1. This is awesome Kelly! You write well and really hit the heart of missions. You’re an amazing woman of God who will do many more great exploits for His kingdom. I only hope we get to do it together again.
    How I found this site: (I typed in google- simoombe, africa and your blog came up). Go figure.
    Your friend for life, Kim Ternneyi

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