New Orleans – Serving with Excellence

JonathanSomebody…please call somebody! This is the New Orleans mission-teamchecking in to tell everyone that things are looking up down here in the Cajun Bayou. We have connected with a group called United Saints Rebuilding Project who coordinates and sends multiple teams out to rebuild churches and homes daily. We finished our second day working with them today and God is really stretching our team and efforts. We’ve got men carrying bio-hazardous toilets around in the name of Jesus and it has been reported that we have women hanging off of church-roofs wielding paint rollers in their hands. It is mind-blowing that God has called us to be here for such a time as this. He  is doing something special in our team. He is really working on our hearts. My prayer for this team is that the seeds that are being sowed are planted in fertile ground. I know God is tilling the soil of our lives and preparing us for the next step. We are cherishing the opportunity to learn from the New Orleans Dream Center and it has been phenomenal. The hearts around the people in Church of the King are incredible and it is clear why God is using this church to usher in His ministry to make DREAMS come true.



~ by Celebration Missions on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Orleans – Serving with Excellence”

  1. Jon: looks like the team from Celebration is once again learning life lessons from God as you serve Him according to His purpose. As you remember this is the day the Lord has made, you are rejoicing and being glad in it. I have been marveling at His creation and the beauty He has planted on all parts of this earth. I,too,am rejoicing in this day, and the wonderful, passionate and loving son that God gave to me. He is pleased with you and will continue to bless you and the team as you do His will.

  2. I want to thank you all for brave service to all the projects. I was impressed by your dedication and now I know what drove you……..(The Lord is in your Hearts).Ella Mae thanks you and I thank you but most of all GOD Bless you all……………Chet

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