Charna-New OrleansToday was a great day where we got to serve the homeless breakfast. It was such a great feeling to fill their bellies with a wholesome meal! Some of us worked in the kitchen cooking the meals (which were very elbaorate!), waitors and waistresses, bus boys and girls and I was one of the hostesses. We worked alongside other volunteers and served about 150 people. The people that came were so thankful and were suprised that we actually served them because it was set up just like a restaruant. It was a great feeling!

After my job was done, I walked around and visited with some of the people there. One man couldnt eat any foods and asked in the beginning if he could even eat anything we offered. He was grateful  after explaining to him that we had OJ, coffee, milk and water, but whoever his server was made his grits extra soupy so he could drink them from a straw. haha It was a little moment like that where I felt Jesus was in that room. Then I spoke with another man and he was asking where our group was from and I got a chance to tell him about the church we have been teaming up with this week. I pray he will check it out and get a fresh revelation about who He is and be filled with joy and happiness! I was just extremely happy and couldnt stop smiling for the work we all were doing to serve these people. It was a great day, again! This trip has been incredible in every single moment, down to every detail! Praise God


~ by Celebration Missions on June 27, 2009.

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