God is Awesome!

Heather-New Orleans

Hello! Well, this week has been very surprising, amazing, and eventful to say the least. We have been working with the United Saints of America and Americorps on a couple of sites in the city the past couple of days. The girls have been working on a little church. It has been the most amazing experience! Being able to just serve God and His people is an awesome feeling. We got to work on the outside of this church, so when we started we scraped away old paint from the walls and sanded to make sure every surface was ready for new paint. Then we primed the walls. Then after that we painted and did the trimming and such. It was very hot outside and took a lot of endurance, but our team just kept at it like champs! God gave us all such a peace and joy as we worked. It was really cool. And I have to say we are not the only ones serving here in New Orleans. The people from the Church of the King and the School of Urban Missions are joyously serving us and taking such great care of us, it is crazy! I feel like God is just giving example after example of how to be a servant for Him and His people.

Another thing that has been going on is a lot of prayer. We have been praying and seeking God constantly this week for New Orleans, for the people here, the Dream Center, and for each other’s family, friends, and loved ones. We have been on two prayer walks which have both been really powerful. Prayer is definately effective and I know great things will be happening in New Orleans! Please continue to pray for us and our protection. Please pray that God touches more lives here through us these next few days, and that our hearts are opened to His will and His call, so we will do whatever it is that He has planned for us. Thanks!! God bless! I love you family =)



~ by Celebration Missions on June 27, 2009.

One Response to “God is Awesome!”

  1. awesome!! im so happy for you all to enjoy Gods love as you serve his people. Praise God!!

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