One Head Bowed Amongst the Chaos

DannyYesterday we had the oppertunity to serve god by feeding and playing with a bunch children in need at a feeding center. The entire experience was amazing, but the one thing that i thought was super sweet and got me stoked was the prayer before the children were fed. The lady that ran the place said a prayer that the children repeated before they ate most of the children continued to play around or talk with their amigos but there was one little girl sitting directly in the middle of her table with her head bowed eyes closed deep in the prayer. It just really hit me and got me super stoked to see that in all the chaos their was one child that had a relationship with god.



~ by Celebration Missions on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “One Head Bowed Amongst the Chaos”

  1. you sir are a worshipping psychopathic for jesus machine. the way you felt when you saw that kid is how i’ve felt seein you lead worship at op element…craziness everywehre…and you have your eyes closed singin to the King. Keep it up bro

  2. by the way…why is no one talking about sunday morning’s service…who preached? did pastor john or sean throw down? what’s up?

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