mike dyea so today we climbed the moutain to the three crosses…up was real tough on the legs with minimal falls…down was fast but with falls every otha second..i need a new tail bone..big john fell in a whole and kenny needs a new jaw haha..but yea the crosses were beautiful but no eagle eggs hahaha…yea it was a real good experience and now im gonna take a nap cuz dude im sun burnt i need to ice my butt and im jus wiped out…but p.s. it was one of the most funnest greatest days of my life =) dios de bendiga…this is mike dizzle!!!!!!!…..also the rehab center was just amazing i felt i touched so many hearts and my heart was touched also..i also met this girl there who liked to rap YAY YAAAAY…i got to share my testimony which got emotional and i got to learn alot more about was defilently an experience and not what i expected..but GOD expected it the whole time and he knew that we would be there and i bet he’s happier than ever that were bein his hands feet and toung and spreading his word ~MIKE DIZZLE~


~ by Celebration Missions on July 28, 2009.

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