Isaiah 61:1

The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor…To me that scripture has explained the entire trip.loving on the ticos is amazing playing futball with them was a great experience other than the fact that we lost feeding these kids and seeing the look on their faces when they see us makes you feel incredible and then knowing that they understand you when you say Jesus loves you, but the thing that really hit me in the mouth like a ton of bricks was the woman’s center, hearing these woman’s stories is insane and then being able to share mine with them and hearing and seeing them crying because they knew what i had been through and then this one lady hugging me and telling me that the hug she gave me was the hug my mom never gave me and that the hug i gave her was the hug that her son never gave her really broke me so many people on this trip have gone through soooooo much but yet the Lord has made sure everything went the way it should for them today we climbed a 7,000 ft mountain and at the end i did a face plant it hurt baaaaaaad but im good God kept me safe but all in all i feel the reason why this scripture sums up the trip is because to me it says that if you have a testimony regardless if its good or bad you need to talk about it in order to show the non believers how powerful the Lord truly is or at least thats how i feel come next year and tell me if you agree=](OH NO IT’S THE BIRD AGAIN)<—-inside joke

With hope and love from Costa



~ by Celebration Missions on July 28, 2009.

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