Amazon Bound!





Tomorrow a team of 9 of us from Celebration will be leaving on a jet plane to the Amazon in Brazil! We are partnering up with Overland Missions to reach the unreached villages along the Amazon near the city of Maues. We will be ministering to the Satere-Maue Indians along the Amazon and sharing the love of Jesus with them. We are pumped!!!!For 2 weeks our home will be a riverboat, we will be sleeping in hammocks, bathing in the Amazon, and fighting off bugs (and hopefully no anacondas)  all for Jesus, to save the lost. We are believing in supernatural healings and miracles to take place, and most of all we are praying for many salvations during these 2 weeks. These tribes are not forgotten, Jesus wants them to know Him and we will be His hands and feet to go out and preach the good news to them. We will have translators with us who speak Portuguese and the tribal languages. We won’t have internet on the Amazon but keep a look-out for blogs along the way and definitely upon our return August 14th. Thanks to all of you that donated so many great things for the children and adults in the Amazon. Because of you we have so many things to leave with them! What a blessing! Thank you for your prayers in advance!!  Watch out Amazon, here we come!!

Shannon Routzahn


~ by Celebration Missions on July 29, 2009.

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