An Adventure of a Lifetime

Amazon, Brazil 09 284 






Our team of 9 from Celebration are back now from our adventure in the Amazon.  And what an amazing adventure it was!! We are still swaying like we are on the riverboat, at least I am! It’s hard to even put into words the incredible work God did through each of us there. I’ve been on many mission trips and I have to say this was one of my favorites and I loved working with Overland Missions and truly love the vision they have to reach the unreached.  Even through all the obstacles Satan tried to throw our way (van battery dying, missing our flight in Atlanta, losing our luggage for 2 weeks, and moldy clothes) we moved forward and with patience and endurance and walked out what God wanted us to do in the Amazon. We were able to minister to villages along the Amazon where lives were changed, people were healed, seeds planted and addictions were broken. The Holy Spirit was in us and we did a mighty work for God’s kingdom. I believe we had over 130 salvations.

I have so many stories I could share and I probably will share face to face with many of you. But here are a few that pop to my mind:

We went to one village and ministered there at night. Each night we would do a drama, a testimony, and a message and then have a salvation call, prayer for healings, and then prayer with the men and the women and kids. I was very in tune with the Holy Spirit that night. I saw this one man at the beginning of the meeting and I heard God speak to me and tell me to pray for him the whole meeting. So that is what I did. When it came time for the salvation call I could see that he wanted to walk forward but was very hesitant. So I just kept praying. I even reached my hand out to him knowing he wanted to stand up. And he did, he was the first one to come forward and get saved. God is so good!!  Many from our team had visions before we would go into meetings, on who needed healing, who wanted salvation- God was definitely showing us. In another village right when we pulled up God showed me that I needed to pray for a pregnant woman there and sure enough, at our time of praying for the women, a pregnant woman walks up. That led to me sharing with her.

Also at another village after many people were saved we got to pray for baptism of Holy Spirit and prayer languages. It was amazing, Ps Willie had it on his heart to preach on this and then God opened up the doors and the Holy Spirit fell big time! It was awesome to experience and pray over the women for their prayer language. I few people of the village did receive their prayer language that night.

At the last village we were in I got to preach the message and I spoke on God’s grace. This was really a highlight of my trip. This village had alot of darkness in it, people were fearful to step forward. But praise God, one man came forward to give his life to Jesus and then 2 teenage girls did also and I heard many kids and teenage boys also did afterwards. There is nothing more joyful than seeing people come to Jesus!

God did so much on this trip, so many seeds were planted and are team grew from all of it. I am forever changed for the better. And what fun we had!! Living on a riverboat is the coolest thing ever, I could sleep in a hammock all my life, I fell in love with our Overland team, got to go on a crazy jungle hike and jungle canoe trip, got to swim in the Amazon, saw the most beautiful sunsets every day, and got to help push our boat out from being stuck in pirana/anaconda infested water….and that’s just the half of it!

Thank you Jesus, you are so so wonderful!! Thank you for directing my steps always. I can’t wait for the next adventure you have for me. I’m so ready!!

Shannon Routzahn

Amazon, Brazil 09 087


~ by Celebration Missions on August 15, 2009.

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