Let the Little Children come to me…

Me With Kids

Me with Kids from Monte Cristo


     About ten days into the Amazon trip we had arrived at the last village we would be ministering in, Monte Cristo.  Monte Cristo has around 30 families, a market that doubles as a residence, A waterfront walking area that is a hangout for the local kids, and a floating house that you can take a canoe to that sells cold drinks.  Cold drinks are not easy to come by in the Amazon Jungle.  One thing lacking in the Village of Monte Cristo is a church.

     At this far into our mission, I was at a point that day for some reason where I was drained spiritually for much of the day.  I was not in a good space and laid in my hammock for alot of the day.  I needed to get spiritually charged, I needed lifting up somehow, in order to get to the job at hand.  After some prayer and counseling, I started to feel better.  While that helped a good bit, that evening, God had other things in store for me of his working.

     For the entire trip, I had spent most of my time ministering the the men in the different villages.  For a change, I was asked to go work with the kids for the evening.  We had around 30 kids to work with, plus 6-7 other teens standing outside looking in through the windows the whole time.  We spent a good hour doing some salvation bracelets and carrying the gospel to the kids.  I had the chance at the end to do the call to salvation to the kids, to invite them to accept Christ.  Of course, nobody wanted to be the first to come up, but after a little prompting from the holy spirit, sure enough most of the kids in the room heard the call and came forward.  I was immediately filled with joy to see so many kids accepting Christ into their hearts that night. 

     Next of course, I had the priveledge of saying the salvation prayer with them for the first time in unison.  When all was said and done, there were I believe 27 kids that came forward that night between the ages of six and sixteen to start their personal relationship with God.  I couldn’t believe this!  I had to actually make sure that they knew what they were doing, and didn’t accept Jesus last month, or every other month, when a different missionary came through the village.  Sure enough, all of the same kids raised their hands when I asked them if this was the FIRST time they had accepted Christ!

     Leave it to the holy spirit to use something like this to actually lift  MY spirits.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to see so many new decisions for Christ, especially 6-8 teenagers in that village.  Fortunately we got to stay in Monte Cristo for the next day again and spend some more time ministering to the residents in the village.  The trip to the community ended very charged with all of our team circled up with the villagers in the town center for a big group prayer circle and blessing.  

Definitely one of the highlights of the entire mission trip for me!

Mike Linkenauger


Matthew 19;14 – But Jesus Said “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven”

Me with Boy


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