The Big Gospel Cube is staying in Costa Rica….!

TimGreeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Costa Rica!

 Many things had happen since I arrived here.  One thing, I had to learn was to be humble to myself and to listen to the Lord’s instructions for my purpose of being here.  I felt God was telling me something about this big cube that I brought down from Jacksonville, FL.

 I had the opportunity to share the cube to many young children on Sunday morning.  I was amazed how the kids were so very quite and glue to the picture cube that I shared with them.  It was very interesting to see how the kids cope with the cube.  Later after church, the parent and their kids was to meet us at the indoor arena to play some football (soccer) with us.  As I was watching the kids, there were more kids then it was in church that morning. 

 The Lord had told me to give the cube to the pastor and his wife.

The cube had a program in the written Spanish language as well as the English.  This would be a prefect opportunity for them to continue to use the cube for their ministry to the people of Costa Rica and also to the children’s ministry as well.  The pastor wife is also a teacher and this would be a great tool for her too.  She was telling me that she would like to use the cube for the women’s ministry also. 

 I was so happy to hear that and my heart felt at peace knowing that I obeyed God’s instruction to do so.  All of this mission purpose for me being here was to provide a better tool to help their church to grow in understanding the gospel better.  I had the opportunity to be the one to bring the Big Gospel Cube. 

 All praise and glory goes before our Lord!

Dr. Timothy Brown


~ by Celebration Missions on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “The Big Gospel Cube is staying in Costa Rica….!”

  1. That’s awesome Dr Tim!!! God continues to use you everywhere you go! Can’t wait to hear more about the trip when you get back.

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