Servant’s hearts

Shannon Routzahn




It’s hard to believe I’ve finally made it to Zimbabwe. It’s been on my heart for over a year now since I last came to Africa. God is very good and I’m excited to be here and be part of our global Celebration family! Pastor Dixon, Ps Mike Pier, and the Zim campus pastors  gave us a wonderful welcome in the Bulawayo airport – what joy we felt as they cheered for us with huge signs and hugged us! The church family here is amazing! The ladies at the team mission house are such servants of God. When we introduced ourselves at our first team meeting each one of the Celebration Zim women told us that they are here to serve us. To serve US! We were all in awe of them. And then we went around the room and said that we were here to serve THEM! It’s just incredible to see such servant’s hearts here.

We’ve only been here in Zim one day yet I feel so at home, as I always do in Africa and on the mission field. I can see that this first Zim mission trip is just going to explode into so many more and the impact is going to be huge. Today we went to the How Mine campus and village to pray with some families that suffer from HIV AIDS. What an honor it was to be welcomed into their homes and pray with them. Pastor Felix from How Mine campus is doing such a great work in this area. Our team got to pray for a young HIV positive boy that was having much trouble breathing. We prayed healing over his lungs and his whole body. We know that our God is a healing God, a God of miracles. And the kids are so happy here in Africa, anyone that has been here knows this- that they just radiant joy. One highlight of my day was a young boy named Brian who loves to dance. He is 12 years old and he danced for us in his home- he is HIV positive. He just laughed and laughed as he danced. God loves these children- not one is ever forgotten. Brian became my buddy for the rest of the morning as we walked around the village and went to the feeding center.

This afternoon we visited Isaiah House which is an orphanage for abandoned babies from 0-3 yrs old. This place is just such a blessing! The workers there take babies into their home that have been given up, thrown away into the bush, left without anyone. At the home the staff pours loves into their lives, helps nourish them physically and gives them a hope for their future. It’s the most beautiful thing. Every baby is so precious there, I didn’t want to leave or put any one of the baby’s down. Thank God for places such as Isaiah House. They are truly being Jesus’ hands and feet- true servants.  

We are about to head to our first Celebration Zim service and we just can’t wait to see what it will be like. I’m expecting that it will feel very much like Celebration, whether it be in Jax or in Zim, or anywhere in the world- we are all one church family- so united, walking out what God has called us to do. Praise God!

God is certainly moving big time in Zimbabwe and in Africa- the light is coming in and shining in what they call the dark continent.

Shannon Routzahn


~ by Celebration Missions on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Servant’s hearts”

  1. It’s good to hear from you Shannon. It sounds like you are all really in your element and God is going to do great things during this trip.
    Love you- Mom

  2. Love hearing about the servants’ hearts — sounds like you guys have been a huge lift and blessing to the Celebration Zim community. Praying for you guys!

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