It’s not about me!

LisaJBoy, I am learning that it is not about me!  I am at Celebration Church Zimbabwe!  The picture of my little world has changed completely.  I have such a bigger understanding of what our church is doing all over the world.  We are making a difference in the lives of others.  We are sharing the love of Jesus, by feeding kids and buying sewing machines. It is one thing to know something but to see it actually happening is so AMAZING!  I am sitting right down the hall and there are women sewing on machines that the ladies of Celebration bought!  They showed us their garments, and we TALKED to them! They are so excited!  Today, I also got to learn a game from children who are eating the food that our church helped to  provide!  It just blew my mind!  They taught me a game!  I got to sit in a classroom and learn their language. They gave me a pen,  paper and let me sit in a chair and learn with them.  They laughed at me when  I tried to speak  their language. It was truly amazing!    I had so much fun!  My heart is overwhelmed!  It is not about me but about them, the ones we are sharing God’s love with.    Go Jesus!



~ by Celebration Missions on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s not about me!”

  1. That’s SO awesome! Can’t wait to hear all the stories, experiences of what God is tearing up in Zimbabwe. Keeping you all in my prayers. Love You!

  2. Love hearing about the global multi-site revelation and impact of SHINE Sewing Project — rock on Lisa and team1

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