The Last Supper

It seems like just yesterday we were getting off the plane in Zimbabwe to start our journey. Little did we know we were all in for the experience of a lifetime and it will leave us forever changed. We all are saddened that tonight was our last night with our Zimbabwe family, but I Thank God every day for allowing me to be one of the chosen ones to come on this trip. As I go home and still try to process what just happened in the last 10 days I can not thank the staff of Celebration Zimbabwe enough for all they have done for us. As Pastor Dixon said this week we have the same DNA. They poured out their hearts so much to us this week. The Zimbabwe staff has “IT” That Celebration DNA… We have all learned so much from each other and I know that Gods divine appointments definitely took place with each and every one of us. Listening to God speak to me has allowed me to have this experience and to see a family I knew existed but didn’t truly know till I came here. It is so much bigger than just Celebration Zimbabwe. These people have a heart and passion for God and their people that I have never seen before. They are truly Gods Humbled servants following their calling and furthering their kingdom. One of many things that just had me in awe this week, Was the amount of youth that are active in serving in the church. They come under the younger children and help teach them and raise them to be God first children. They have such a passion for God that I have never seen… I enjoyed all the time we were able to spend with the children and love on them but I am at peace leaving. Knowing we have a family here in Zimbabwe that loves Gods children and is making such a difference not only in the children, and families of Zimbabwe but all over Africa…. God is going to transform Zimbabwe We saw so many people get saved this week and it was exciting to see how God has changed so many lives and is continually impacting Zimbabwe. Although I am very saddened that I have to go I have to rest in the hands of God and know that my purpose here has been fulfilled. I know we will meet again and will never forget this week and Thank God for giving me the time I had here in Zimbabwe. Psalm 65:4 Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts! We are filled with the good things of your house.

 I love you Celebration Zimbabwe Family

Shellie McCary


~ by Celebration Missions on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Last Supper”

  1. I feel the exact same way Shellie. Wow, it feels like home here in Zimbabwe and we are one big family. I miss you and the team and hope you all made it back safely. Can’t wait to see my buddies!!

  2. Team Celebration guys rock. Just listen to what the Zim Celebration team thought of your visit:

    • The team was awesome they were genuine and real servants
    • They were very prayerful they did not do anything without first praying
    • They demonstrated real heartfelt love. An old woman from Sauerstown could not believe that one of the team members, a white lady had actually visited and entered her home. She could not believe it that a white woman had actually hugged her. It was a first for her. She cried tears of joy at last she felt she had found acceptance!
    • The excitement of the team was so infectious especially at chick nite.
    • The team was made up of simple down to earth people. When they ministered they did not do anything fancy. It was straightforward ministry without any gimmicks. I loved their creativity especially with kids ministry
    • The guys are real servants…if anything needed doing they would quickly jump to do it without asking whose duty it was to do it…amazing
    • They were so submitted one to another…it was amazing to see how they submitted to their team leaders and to each other

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