Feels like home

Zimbabwe Africa Sept 09 096





Somebody call somebody!! Zimbabwe is on fire for the Lord!!

What has happened this past week on our Zimbabwe mission trip has been unbelievable! I’m sitting here in Celebration offices in Bulawayo feeling at home and with my Celebration family. The team left yesterday to go back Florida, while my journey in Africa still continues on to Zambia. To my Africa teammates, I love you and everyone here keeps saying how much they love you and miss you, you are in their hearts forever. I saw many of the Celebration Chicks today and all they were talking about was YOU!

Where to begin with what has gone on the past few days….I will try my best to highlight what I can. One of my favorite days was on Saturday when we went into Sauerstown to do home visits.  I was on the team with Pastor Chipo and we went and visited 4 families to pray for them. Doing the home visits is one of my favorite things on mission trips. The thing I notice most about the people of Celebration Zim is that they are so kind and warm and always so unbelievably happy to see us. We visited one family that I was hoping we would get to meet and pray for. It’s the home of Webster, a 14 yr old boy with HIV and some other health problems. From looking at him you would think he was only about 6 yrs old. Pastor Mike Pier has blogged about him in the past. I was very honored to pray for him and his whole family. And I’m looking forward to spending more time with that family during my travels back to Africa. After the home visits we did a children’s event at the Sauerstown campus and we had over 600 kids attend. It was so much fun! The kids did dance and skit performances for us (they are amazing!, blew us out of the water!) and we showed them some of our Celebration kids worship songs and then we had various stations set up outside for them to play. We had games, face painting, coloring, making necklaces, soccer, etc…the kids had a blast! I just love the children here, so happy and joyful always.

I also praise God that he has given me so many opportunities here to speak at the various campuses. This is something I feel is part of my calling and instead of being nervous about public speaking I now get so excited about it. It’s as if I can’t contain it and I have to speak what God has put on my heart. I had the opportunity to speak at How Mine campus about God, our hope and healer in times of waiting, and then I got to speak about our God of grace at Sauerstown campus on Sunday afternoon. And just today I was invited to give an encouraging word about serving at the widow’s tea meeting. Thank you Jesus for always speaking through me!!

I need to give a shout out to the Celebration Zim worship team and choir! Wow, these guys rock! Heicha, Ed, and I were able to sing at the 2 Sunday morning Central campus services and what a blessing that was. The people here have such a heart to worship, I have learned so much from them. I was so encouraged to see that when we met before service we spent time in prayer lifting up the services here in Zim as well as lifting up Pastor Stovall and Kerri and the worship team in Jax and all other campuses. We are all so connected and one family, I love it. I can’t wait to share with the worship team in Jax all that we learned and I’ll be bringing back some new songs for us. There is one that is really going to blow the roof off!

On Sunday after service we drove 3 hrs to one of our other campuses, Masvingo. Here we met up with Pastor Sam and got to go to one of the schools to feed thousands of children on Monday. This is an experience I will never forget. I’ve been to feeding centers in Africa before but I’ve never been to one that has so many children. It was overwhelming. The kids welcomed us with songs and I just had tears of joy from how wonderful they were to us. They clung to me the whole time, I have never felt so loved in my whole life. Saying goodbye to them was very hard, both for us and for them. God is certainly doing a great work in Masvingo!

When we arrived back from Masvingo the whole Celebration Zim team was waiting for us at Ps Dixon’s house for a last send-off meal with us. It was incredible getting to fellowship with our family here. They grilled out for us and we had a feast. The hospitality team here is amazing, Felicity and the chicks- you have such servant’s hearts! Even though I wasn’t part of the team leaving the next day I couldn’t help getting emotional. The whole team got each team member a special gift and I was so touched by the love they have shown us. It will certainly be hard to leave here but I am confident and have a peace that God has a great plan for me and I now have a family in Zimbabwe I can always come home to. Thank you Jesus!

Shannon Routzahn


~ by Celebration Missions on September 24, 2009.

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