Costa Rica October Trip-We’ve arrived and already seen amazing things!

Hey everybody!  The October Costa Rica team has arrived safely and has already has amazing testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness.  Our team is amazing…we woke up at 3:45am in Orlando to get to the airport at 5:00am and we are still going strong…and no complaining all day!  After spending too much money at Dunkin Donuts on our layover in Panama City, we arrived in San Jose Costa Rica and were greeted by Dave, a member of 6:8’s great team.  We went to the missions house and met Pastor Jorge of Celebration Costa Rica.  This man simply exudes God’s love!  After lunch we jumped right in to a prayer walk and brought some food to a very needy family.

Part of what made today so special was that we were strengthening and building on relationships that other Celebrationer’s have made on previous trips.  Both of our moms took a trip here exactly a year ago and we’ve already been able to build on the experiences they shared with us and the relationships they formed.  The first man we prayed for today was a gardener who came to the 6:8 house who, I believe, has not been heard of for some time.  Both of our mom’s told us about this man and were concerned that he seemed to dissappear from the picture after their trip.  He arrived less than an hour after we arrived and the team prayed for him and he said he would come to services on Sunday!  On our first prayer walk we also were able to bring personal messages and gifts to people celebrationers are supporting.  It is so cool that we can put an exclamation point on a sentence that God has already been writing through our church family!

One of the highlights of the day was visiting Jose Antonio, a young boy with many medical problems that Celebrationers and 6:8 have been praying for and supporting for a long time.  Jose Antonio did not walk until about a month ago.  Many teams have come and prayed for his ability to do so and it was awesome to see the little boy walking! Also, Jose Antonio had a hole in his heart.  This was something he and his family have been dealing with for a long time and has been bathed in prayer.  After speaking to Pastor Jorge, his mother showed us a medical report stating that his heart is fine!! God is so good and has been doing so much in this precious boy’s life!

The team is sooo excited about what God is going to do on the remainder of the trip!  Please keep us in your prayers

Victor and Ashley

Jose Antonio with Victor

Jose Antonio with Victor


~ by Celebration Missions on October 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Costa Rica October Trip-We’ve arrived and already seen amazing things!”

  1. Awesome to hear that your trip is off to such a great start. Hope everything goes well there and you have a safe return home.

  2. I can’t stop crying! God has been busy!
    Praise God you were able to pray with the gardener. We really need to know this man’s name. He is such a humble man and he had walked so far to work and earn food for his family. I spoke with Spencer about sponsoring his children but it was as if he had disappeared and with the torrential rains there were concerns that his home on the mountainside had been swept away. This man and his family weighed heavy on my heart! I am so grateful they are safe!
    I love the picture of Jose Antonio! Praise God for his miracle!! God is so amazing!!
    Give my love to everyone!! Enjoy your adventure with God!! You are all in my prayers!!

  3. I am so happy you have arrived safely! It sounds like your first day was amazing. Part of my heart is always there. It is thrilling to see Jose’ Antonio happy and walking. God is great!! It is wonderful that you were able to meet the gardener. God has a plan. Hugs for everyone. Love you.

  4. Cool Vic, glad to see everything is working out for the good and that you are doing the work of God, nothing is better than that! Keep us updated, God Bless.

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