Celebration CostaRica Day 2

Today was an incredible day….We have a great party with the children of Celebration Costa Rica. The kids played, they the ate and then recieved presents donated by a lot of peeps. Celecbration Costa Rica and Pastor Jorge are AWESOME and have such hearts for God. We truely are ONE Church with many campuses and God is moving and doing such GREAT things through Pastor Stovall and his vision to have a Christ size impact on the world. We are so blessed to be part of this church body and to be in Costa Rica with this incrediable team. We are looking forward to the Sunday morning service in the morning and then a hike up a mountain to a huge cross which overlooks San Jose. Already looking forward to doing another trip!


~ by Celebration Missions on December 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Celebration CostaRica Day 2”

  1. Dear Alex and Charlene and Everyone,
    I am glad that you arrived safely. Finley, Bailey and I miss you so much. We are so proud or all of you. I know that you are doing great things and wish I could be there to help. Come home safely. Love Aaron

  2. Dear Alex,
    The Blog seems to be working from this end it was so good to here fron you today. It is cold here and we miss you alot. See you soon. Love Aaron

  3. Dear Trisha,
    We are so excited for you. I know God is going to use you and the others on the team in a special way. we will be praying for you and excited to hear all about your trip. Love, Mom and Dad

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